YES4G Voice SMS Data Rate Leaked

Updated on 2.30 pm nov 18 2010 😛

OK, yesterday (wed) i went to wangsa walk. and i saw something, YES4G rate banner is showing in one of the shop. Unfortunately i dont have any camera (or phone capable of taking picture) with me, so cant share with you guys. BUT I even had the leaflet in my hand and i tried to take a picture with my lausy laptop webcam. Sorry for the poor quality, thats all i got 🙁

yes4g leaflet

They said at their last soft launch, they will be using Pay As You Use billing method. Hmm and since then i dont think their service will be cheap. And now from what we can see:
9 sen = 3 mb (data)
9 sen = 1 minute (voice call i assume)
9 sen = 1 sms
(And thats before our rebates kick in.)

How much their rebate will be, we will find out this friday.
What caught my eye while reading the leaflet is the following things:
You can enjoy the lowest rate with minumum usage of RM30. What does that mean?
You can still get data rebate even when the rates are already the best every month. Hmm….
Your rate is lower than any prepaid, postpaid or anything you’ve ever paid. Really? We’ll see.

(The lines above is taken from the leaflet, picture below, but im not sure if you can read the words)

But from 1st impression, 9 sen per minute is not bad, its really impressive. (But how is the quality of the call, i dont know yet, but i think it’ll be better than my digi condition now :P)
9 sen per sms is… hmm ok.
9 sen per data, means 3 sen per 1mb.
Lets take standard 700mb usage (for downloading or streaming content of a size of CD), it will cost you RM21.
RM 21. not RM2.10
Not cheap, not cheap AT ALL! (erm maybe not since this is wireless broadband, its not meant to replace your streamyx. Sorry :D)
They claim its the fastest network, and you can stream video without without waiting for the buffering.

Lets say you signed up for YES 4G, you will say wow this is really fast, then go and watch youtube videos, watch some revision 3 videos, and watch some livestream, stream MP3 facebook twitter etc. YES! ITS REALLY FAST!
After one month, when your bill come, your YES will become WOW and then become OMG then you will die.
But no worry. There will be no contract. You just need to eat roti for one more month and go back to your dear streamyx LOL
Im just sayin. (And again, this is wireless network and are meant to be using while you are on the go. Most of my friends say the rate is good, and i think the same too. for normal use, the rate is completely fine.)

But lets put this into mobile wireless broadband network perspective.
1GB = RM30. I think is a lot cheaper than many network out there named D, M, C, P, and etc.
My one more concern is WILL THE voice call bandwidth be seperated or still counted in the data rate? Shouldn’t be right? Yes4g?
You shouldnt be doing heavy download on the go right?! some light surfing, tweeting and facebooking is fine. I bet you wont even reach the 1gb mark. But beware that, You can enjoy the lowest rate with minumum usage of RM30 which i mentioned above.

YES 4G. Just my 2 cents, and its base on really minimum of information i have. We will find out the truth on Friday. Watch my tweet. I will sure livetweet the event.

Go to for more real info.


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5 Responses to YES4G Voice SMS Data Rate Leaked

  1. Jasmine November 18, 2010 at 10:14 am #

    Oh, RM21 for downloading a movie, that doesn’t sound cheap at all! That’s freaking expensive! Haha… anyway, looking forward to what’s coming up on Friday! Do update us.

  2. skelertor November 18, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    i didn’t put much on this YES new network.. in Malaysia no matter what ISP provided you with the Internet service. All of them still attach to TM backbone

  3. philip November 18, 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    not really interested in a new provider, but thanks for the info.


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