#YES4G, Please play nice or say bye bye (Bad Business Ethics)

UPDATE: Added a link at the bottom to explain everything. Apparently, Carat says, YES we’re sorry.

can’t stop myself from sharing it with you guys.
I know, you might say, YES4G is a new company, you shouldnt be so harsh to them. But i will say, what you read in this blog will be only facts and my tought.

I had been complained about no helpline but it aint a big deal since we all know,for sure they will had it some days.

But now they had done something very very wrong.
In terms of business ethics.

Everyone can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some success and some failed miserably. And so do ads.
You know, sometimes bloggers do this. Some bloggers put some fake titles or use “sex appeal” to grab more visitors, but i tell you, those visitors are from search engine. But i can assure you, once they been “cheated” by your blog’s fake title, they will NEVER COME BACK.
But this might be not a big deal for bloggers since those people might be already using fake name or something like that,


Ads is nice. But misleading ads can kill yourself. You are buying your own grave YES4G.
According to this blog: http://www.larrylim.net/seo-online-marketing/yes-4g-wimax-misleading-ads-embarrassing-launch/182/
YES4G uses dirty ads by placing adwords and make searches on “P1” or “Streamyx” redirected to their YES.MY site.
What i mean dirty ads is, they put a fake name, and in this case, their competitors’ name in the title, and if user doesn’t look carefully, they will be redirected to a YOUR YES site.

Well, since you can really believe everything you read on the internet, i tried it out myself, and see what i got:
(all screenshot taken on 21/11/2010. You can see the full screenshot and see the details by yourself.)
Click to see the full picture.

Below is called GOOD Advertising. You can clearly see the targeted keyword is Broadband (noticed the word in bold)

Celcom, KENA! (See YES4G Targeted Keyword is Celcom Broadband)

Title doesnt match the website content.

P1, Lagi KENA! (See YES4G Targeted Keywords is P1)

The title and description look very fine, but the url showed that YES4G is playing dirty tricks.

Streamyx, Juga KENA! (See Targeted Keyword is Streamyx Straight away)

They put Streamyx as title but when you click, it bring you to yes.my site

This is a very very very bad thing, and YES, you can either stop doing it, come out and say sorry, or you can get out from the game (well, thats i assume many people care about business ethics)
Who are willing to give your personal information, and in some case, your CREDIT CARD INFO to this kind of company.

I know YTL you got a lot of money, you use money can kill other competitors like P1, but, you are doing it wrong.

What you should do is, offer BETTER SERVICE, not just saying 3 to 5 times 3G (And even without clarify about whats the 3G you are comparing to), more info please read my first chapter of FAQs.
Give better coverage.
Give cheaper rate.
Do your promotion sincerely.
Give really good service to your customer (or aka your boss)
and not to forget improve your website (which had been down for like forever)

YES4G, please lah, you are acting like childish person fooling 3 years old baby to accidentally go to your site. And hoping they will subscribed to your company?
AGAIN, You are holding doing it wrong.

Give good service, and your reputation will come,
and now, you are going the other way round.

Look at the tweet #yes4g. How many of them are really happy with your service? I think we all can tell.

One more last thing, please stop playing the fool “pay as you use” while users need RM30 monthly commitment.
write it the other way round.
RM30 monthly commitment, and pay as you use after that.
Dont mislead your customer.

Thank you. I hope you will still improve your service as we all know malaysia need more ISP to create a more competitive environment, and users will happy.

More #YES4G comment and news coming soon.

Further reading: Carat: YES We’re Sorry
So YES shouldnt be the one to blame? Interesting 😛


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3 Responses to #YES4G, Please play nice or say bye bye (Bad Business Ethics)

  1. skelertor November 21, 2010 at 12:54 am #

    hahah you cannot blame them lah how YTL direct the YES website using other ISP name

    if you notice Google also used same technique.. try search Internet Explorer or Firefox in Google engine and you will see the result

    The first website you’ll see in the search result is http://www.Google.com/Chrome by using keyword you searched. This is what Google did it self so what a fuzz..

    But one thing for sure.. All Malaysia Internet service sucks

    • joshuatly November 21, 2010 at 12:56 am #

      Well, you are right.

    • HeHeHunter November 21, 2010 at 9:29 am #

      Hi, It would be different when it doesn not involve money. You need not pay anything to use any of the web browsers.

      But you are paying to use Yes Broadband. Any person who stayed under the cave might think Yes is a new marketing product from P1 and you are going to pay for the reload card, getting new number etc. This makes the difference! Pay (Broadband Service) VS No Pay (Free Browsers)

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