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OK, Im back. I admit it. I had been very lazy (plus a bit busy) and i dont write any posts for days….

And now im going to tell the story about working in Genting. Maybe is the Best and the Worst working experience that i ever had!

At first, thanks Sunny for getting me this very best and very horrible job. And the best thing is, my brother remember the date we must go up to work wrongly…. He remembered one day later, which is sucks!
That day (that we suppose to go up and work), I wake up at 3am… . From what i expect, i still got one more day to pack my stuff, so most of those things i havent prepare yet… then i play computer until…. 7am, suddenly someone call me… Its SUNNY!
OMG he tell me that im suppose to be at the bus stop now….
OMG OMG OMG! Then i use my super power to pack all my stuff in 60 minutes, and be prepared in half an hour, then my brother and i miss the 1st bus, we took the 2nd, which is a bit late when we reach there.

Wow~ Genting…..

If im not wrong, i have not much memory on genting before that except one time we are having a state school activity there on 2007. But that time not actually count cos we spend like 2 hours walking around in genting only…

I work in Arena of Stars, where all concert and shows will be performed… Haha. What is the pose im having? Check it below!
Haha, this is my ID Card. I can go ANYWHERE using this card!

Doing this job is quite boring, and low pay, cos it is easy. What we need to do is to check the ticket, then bring those customers to their seats… then when shows end, clear the place, then done.
As you know, not everyday arena got show. so, we sometimes we work at other place like GISR (Show Room) and The Pavilion (which will be having the same lame show everyday)

Working in Pavilion 1st. Since not everyday Arena got works to do, then Pavilion is the best place to work at. Because everyday, the same lame magic show will run, then we do the same thing, everyday.
I tell you, the show is still running. The show had been running for more than 1 year already, still dont want to change…
And they some kind of “cheat” people’s money.
On the poster, they draw white lion and white tigers big big. So most of them buy ticket to watch the two animal.
In fact, the tiger and lion is not WHITE in colour, it is kind of yellowish but because of the light inside give us the illusion that it is white in colour…
Then of cos they got some magic and dancing, which is quite interesting watching the 1st time, but since we work there almost everyday, we watch until can memorize all how they dance, and even dance in our room.

And one more thing is after the show end, you can take picture(s) with the white tiger and white lion.
But the fees is SUPER EXPENSIVE!!! 1 pic RM50, 2 pictures RM80 if im not mistaken…
WALAU EH! So expensive but still got people rushing to pay and take photo..

One more job we need to do is to stop those people who want to take photos or videos when or after the show start.
So, sometimes we SHOUT at the customers…. and throw the pen to them if they still dont listen… 

Another show we watched (work for) is: Magic Mirror The Musical…
Magic Mirror The Musical
This is a very very good show. Its meaningful and very interesting!
Very lucky that im able to watch a few times and able to understand the show fully! (Not like The Dreamz… watch three times already want to vomit liao…)
Although the show is a Buddha show, and im a Christian, but im still like the show very much!

Since it is the musical, and we watch almost every show of it (like 5 times like that), so most of us are able to sing it out without the lyric… Haha, so sometimes we go crazy and sing loudly in our room. Luckily next door didnt come and punch us… WAHAHA

Below are some of the pictures of the show. from the internet.

This show is held at GISR, Show room which the sound system and the light effect is the best among all,
im very impressed by the songs composed, the play, the light effect, and everything! If i remember correctly, Astro got broadcast this show before on dunno what channel when CNY time… if you got chance to catch up the replay, do watch!

And on Christmas Countdown, im working for a party. What i do is to check the ticket, which is outside the door.
Thanks god im not inside or else those super noisy will make me die…..
And remember that day, i work from 24/12/08 1pm to 25/12/08 6am…
Crazy! But it is a quite good experience also lah!

OK, Till Show in Arena of Star.
The shows i had been work for in Arena of Stars are one is dunno what 老歌金曲宝岛 or something like that….
They invited some singers from taiwan (obviously not POP song singer), those who sing old song… and hokkien songs…
Haiz… damn xien that show… i nearly fallen asleep.

The other one is much more interesting!

Wow, i do not need to pay to watch a concert!
This is the very best thing about working in Arena of Stars!
Wow, impressive. The show is on the last day of 08, so pretty exciting…
Here are some pictures found on the internet also…

This show do allow customers to take photos but taking videos are strictly prohibited. So our job is to stop those who are recording. You know most of the customers are quite young, but they are very cow. I had try to stop one person from recording for 20 times but she still do the same. WHAT THE….. 我给脸古巨基才不打你!!! Even the event controller also cant stop her. She is really cow!

Thats all for working part in genting.
There are still alot to share like life in genting… etc etc which i will write on the next post.


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  1. CLF February 26, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    hahah Josh nice post about ur working experience! u went MIA for quite some time already.

  2. Jian aka miao February 27, 2009 at 9:54 pm #

    yalo MIA for a long time

  3. Carmen May 2, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

    how bout the accommodation they provided?
    how many ppl in a room or apartment?

  4. ⓒⓐⓨⓜⓤⓝ ⓔⓢⓣⓗⓔⓡ March 4, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    How you get to work for an event job in genting?

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