WordPress 3.0.1 Released

wordpress 3.0.1
Wordpress 3.0.1 Released. Please kindly download your updates here.

If you havent already noticed, WordPress had came out with a new version update, which is WordPress 3.0.1 today.

So whats new?
Fixed 55 tickets total. A break down of ticket status by component can be found in Trac.
Added unregister_nav_menu(), for child themes.

If you are using WordPress 3.0 already, its so easy, just go to your dashboard, there is an updates panel there.
Simply click Upgrade Automatically, and key in your ftp details, WAKABOOM, you are done!

For manual update, Download your latest wordpress version here
and follow the instruction to update here.
I probably wont take you more than 5 minute.
But always remember to do backup before you update, in case anything bad happened.

Enjoy blogging 🙂


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