WordConf Asia 2011 Liveblogging

Thanks Colin for the ticket and organizing this awesome event, WordConf Asia 2011. And here I am! Tweet a lot hopefully. But below is the live stream of the event! Enjoy! (Even if you are not here)

OKOK. Links to slides shared by the speakers.
Making WordPress Idiot Bulletproof for Clients by David WangSlide
How to Easily Make Your WordPress Site Social with Facebook Social Plugins by Aizat FaizSlide & Demo
Me, WordPress and Nginx by Errazudin IshakSlide
Do More, Code Less: Enable WordPress with Workflow Apps by Tien SoonSlideBlog PostWordPress Plugin
Getting the most out of WordPress – High Performance WordPress and etc. by Gareth DaviesSlides & NotesMaxClient Calculation
Geoblogging – How to get your WordPress blog noticed by people with location interest? – Premesh Chandran – Slide – WordPress Plugin


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  1. Mahsyar Said May 14, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    this is cool!

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