Word Of The Day: Gelivable / Ungelivable




adj. noun. adv. verb.
To describe something cool or very cooperative (and the other way round for Ungelivable)

This is a new word created 6 days ago (05/11/2010) and made popular like crazy on the internet.
So who made this word, and what does the word actually mean (and come from).

If you noticed, the word can made so popular in only 6 days, you can guess its not US, not UK etc, but China!
Ya, a china man 欧阳天 “created” this word and it really went viral really really fast.

The word came from chinese word 给力 (Gei Li) which isnt actually a traditional chinese word (which i doubt you will be able to find it in chinese dictionary), but you know, people on the internet dont care about traditional language and grammar (like im writting crappy english now, im sorry)
The word 给力 (Gei Li) came from a redubbing of a japanese anime and result of making the word 给力 widely used in china BBS, and a lot of forums, weibo (twitter in china), blog comments etc.

给 (Gei) which mean to give
力 (Li) which mean power or support.
What does Gei Li 给力 mean is, give support or cooperative, or being used to describe something is very cool. And this direct translated to english which became Gelivable and Ungelivable respectively.
Its almost the same as niubility

Anyway, if according to urbandictionary.com
adj. A Chinglish word, be able to excite, make someone feel cheerful. ge- in Chinese means give, li- means power, strength or energy.
1. Wow, China overtakes Japan as world’s second-biggest economy, it is so gelivable!
2. It is gelivable that Spain won 2010 FIFA’s World Cup, Spain FTW.

The reason i say its not only adj but noun. adv. verb. is because there is no “WRONG WAY” of using this word.
Its not hard to saw a lot of comments leaving only one word like this:

I believe i gave a more in depth review of the word.
If you visit chinese forums or BBS or view some comments, its not hard to discover this word is widely used in the society!
So use this word to impress your chinese friends, and maybe they also dont know this word, then tell them to come to this blog 🙂

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