ADV: Who Will Win the World Cup?

World Cup Fever is here!
Everything around me IS related to world cup.

Unfortunately, im not a football fan actually, but actually, WORLD CUP IS NOT BAD! And in fact im LOVIN it!
Im dont think im going to love the whole football match thing, but im totally lovin what all the company out there doing! Including Adidas (And P1) doing a very awesome promotion!
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Anyway, who do you think will win the world cup? Will you be catching every match and not bothering about sleeping anymore? Haha.
"One month only mah. no sleep no die one!” my friend says. Hahahaha

Leave your comment about who you think will win….. (I say Malaysia LOL, its a joke)
By the way, if you are not catching the show live, you can always subscribe P1 W1max and check the result online! You can online anywhere and everywhere u go! So convinient! haha

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