Who Mass Tag Me Who DIE!!!

You know why i hate facebook so much? (Ya, i really do)
Is because of the amount of spam i get on facebook.
Everytime a new application (usually is quiz application) or game come out on facebook, my wall will get spam with all those tagged with my name, and game request etc.
I know this because i used to spam people’s wall and facebook also. But lucky for me i stopped playing facebook game after realizing i spent almost my whole day on it.

Other than that kind of spam, the one i hate the MOST is Facebook Photo Mass Tag.
Some people like to me and thousands of other of his or her’s friends on a single photo, even though that photo dont even have my face on it. In fact, most of those photo dont even contain any faces at all.
Most of those photos are like “Merry Christmas” “Happy New Year” those shit and all.
And some stupid person will go there and comment comment comment, ended up my email inbox get spammed of their comment notifications. And what can i do other than go and manually remove my tag from every single picture of those?
Another type is the dont know what birthday calendar and shit. But this one usually dont get much comments and therefore, not much of a problem for me.

People on facebook, dont mass tag. If you mass tag, make sure those sakai people dont go and comment there and pretend thats their private chat room. If you want to chat, find somewhere else to chat, open a private group will be perfect.
I understand people no more sending those wishes and cards via snail mail etc. But i tell you, facebook mass tag is even worse than you sending those flash electronic card (and potentially with bonus virus) to my email inbox.
If you want to wish me, just send me a facebook message, or leave it on my wall, let those things be personal and between you and me, dont need to mass tag.
The only reason you use mass tag is because you are freaking lazy. LAZY!
And if thats you, just simply dont wish me. I wont care. Everyday is the same for me. Except when the day you gave me million dollars. Hahahaha.

So, DO NOT MASS TAG ME on facebook ELSE YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!

And by the way, i love twitter and hate facebook.

Are you annoyed by those mass tag comment notifications? Or do you get pissed off by what your friends did on facebook?
Share it in the comment 😀


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