Where are all my blog posts? GONE? I blogged everyday!!!

LIAR!! LIAR!!!!!

ok yeah, i admit, i havent blog since… last year!
And so sorry to all people that visit my blog for new updates =.=

Reason that i had not blogged for a long time?
Im busy!

LIAR!! LIAR!!!!!

ok yeah, i admit, im too lazy to blog!

No idea why, im not feeling like i want to blog lately, and maybe i will stop or slow down my blogging tempo for a while (its already very slow now =.=)
And just hope one day i will be get back the mood of blogging….

anyway, im still twitting everyday.
For the moment, follow me on twitter and facebook

twitter: http://twitter.com/joshuatly
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joshuatly

and thats all.

COMMENT on this post if u want me to blog more (I dont think anyone will comment…. anyway….)


p/s: Oh yeah, 1st post on 2010. Happy new year! Take care everyone!

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