Whats today ‘s date ah?

I had been “pening pening” these days, too many things to busy with, and i just discover i spent almost half of the November month doing i also dunno what the hell πŸ˜€
Time files. Soon this year will end. I wish i got more cash.
Huh? How random.
I seriously need a new smartphone and a new iPod. I missed out too many episodes of podcasts cos I don’t have a device that i can listen to them anywhere and everywhere =.=
I missed my iPod too much… (If you don’t know what happened to my iPod and Phone, read here)
And i missed my phone cos i cant tweet and check in everywhere.
I wish i got more cash.

My 2nd year 1st sem is coming to the end soon. Means its lastminutedoingassignmentandrevisetotesttime
Gimme a break. (well, apparently i cant since i had too much break before this :P)

Edu.joshuatly.com v2 is doing really well this year. Although the “earning” part is not as i wish lah. Anyway, although the blog is not perfect, but quite a lot of them come for the content only. Hmm… Maybe i will do better next year (by doing better, i also mean in terms of earning).
My new project… still haven’t let my developer know what to do yet… #fail lah.

Yes4G will launch coming friday if im not wrong. Looking forward to it.
And not to forget tomorrow got maths test, which I don’t know what topic is covered in the test =.=””

OK see ya bye.
More random posts soon πŸ˜€


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