I seems to rant too much on my blog, but whatever, its my blog. I didnt actually expect anyone to read them, but i’ve made it public just to earn some ad money LOL. But apparently quite a lot of people did read my last super long rant post, and respond to them, personally and through comments. they are really useful. Especially my family members, they had been really supportive and helpful to me. Well, i just need a place to rant and express myself. I know what is best for me, or if i dont know, i know God do. So i have no much worries about my future, I know He will lead my way.

This blog post will probably end up as another rant post, where i rant about myself, again. hehe. and you, leave or read. its my blog, i can do whatever i want. wahaha

Well, its not new to me that im not good at managing my own time and self control. I seems to do a lot of things i like to do, but many of those thing are not what i need to do. One good way to control myself is deadline. If i set no deadline for one event, that project will probably never get finish.

But recently, i found out i have another problem, which is i seems to have problem managing my own money. I seems to spend quite a lot of money and i dont aware of that. I found out since i start using Paypal and debit card, i seems to spend a lot than i should be. I think im doing good on spending cash, since when I spend cast, i “feel” the pain of doing so, but not though online transaction.
I found myself had been spending probably a bit too much on Steam games, buying VPS and domains, and digital goods. Well, some of that is needed but some of them are not.
I’ve come to realize this because i keep track of part of my purchases on a Google Docs spreadsheet, and i can see the total amount is…. quite shocking. And my bank account seems to always empty.

I GOT TO do something about this. Spending money on the internet had been too easy and seems to be a problem to me. So before it got anymore worse, MUST FIX THIS!
Things to do to fix this:
1. Put my money into fixed deposit, so i cant spend them that easily. haha
2. Track all my spending. Will try to track all my daily spending using this app on android starting tomorrow. Probably this will give me a clear idea where i spent too much on.
3. Cut cost. Yea cut cost. I’ve been paying a bit too much on my internet connection (well, most of the time my dad pay the bill…), i have 4mbps internet at home, mobile internet (digi postpaid), and sometimes Yes4G. All of these can add up to RM250++ for my internet connection along. OMG, thats a lot.
So, i switch to umobile 28 now, with the hope of reducing my mobile internet connection, and not to use Yes4G that a lot.
4. Wait longer before buy something. Impulse buy is one of the reason that i spent too much. THINK before spend on something, is that what you need or what you want.
On big gadget spending, i do plan my spending, and most of the time, i’ve figured out that is something i want, not something i need and ended up not buying it. But for the small small amount like few USD, i’ll need to think twice before spending those few USD. because few USD + few USD become a lot MYR already. No wonder my bank account bleed.
5. write more blog post, or do some more freelance job to earn some mooneh! (this one is tricky since i had to learn manage my time better, between working and studying… and of cos playing)

Something on my to-buy list where its still under consideration is that what i need or what i want:
1. iPod Touch – I just want to try out why is the iOS ecosystem so success, since i never own an ios device. Well, see if i get one under the christmas tree…
2. Tablet – I’ve wanted to buy an android tablet for a while, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to be my choice, but still, i cant find a good reason to own it. Wait till i’ve sold my netbook. Speaking of that, im selling my HP Mini netbook. If you are interested, let me know!
3. New phone? Galaxy Nexus is my wanted gadget… ice cream sandwich os… well, i think my current phone (desire z) is getting a bit slow, and dont think will even get ICS anytime soon (or will run it smoothly). Wait till samsung bring it to malaysia.

I just bought my NAS, 2 bay NAS 2tb x2 + D-Link DNS-320 (second hand used 1 week from Felix), cost me a bit less than RM900. There goes all my adsense money of the year… Well, i needed it so much, my hdd is full, and its hard to find cheap hdd now thanks to the thailand flood. Glad im still manage to get some littlebit overpriced but not ridiculous 2x priced old stock hdd. (RM330 for 2tb seagate green, not bad right?) If i dont buy now, i wont be able to get it for another 8 months before the price of hdd goes down…
My original plan is to get a 4 bay NAS with 2tb x4 or 3tb x4, but thanks to the flood… zzzzzz

Oh, i still need to buy a pair of earphone, mine spoilt weeks ago, and now using my home earphone… haiz…

Yup, conclusion, need to control my spending. Hopefully my tricks do work lah.

About managing time, anyone have any good app that “gamify” your to do list? Or i will use Google Calendar lah. I think there are a few on iOS. Any recommendation? I hate deadline, but without it, i cant get anything done. I think this is one thing that i’ve learnt from my college life. Hahaha

So fast december come d… end of the year, and soon i’ll have my exam, and one month plus break before my next semester start.
Had to start planning on what to do on that break. Got some projects that i got to finish during that period. And planning to go travel somewhere for a few days… where leh? any suggestion? Anywhere in malaysia…

Thats all for now, hopefully next time wont be ranting anymore, and write something more “useful”. But still, this is my blog. 😛


3 Responses to WHAT? NO MONEY!?!

  1. LiewCF November 30, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    ya, everyone should track their income & expenses. Wait 30 days before you make purchase decision. 🙂

    • joshuatly November 30, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

      Do you track your spending? How you do that?

      • LiewCF November 30, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

        I use an iOS app called “Piggie”

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