What if…… twitter……..

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YOU SEE FAIL WHALE ON MY SITE! No worry, Your twitter might be OK now, but not later.
Recently twitter fail like once an hour everyday due to overwhelming tweets from #worldcup…

So sad for me who doesnt watch football but kena also. Haiz…

I remember i read one tweet before, saying something like this in chinese:
What if CHINA didnt block twitter, will twitter still exist?

These days, we learnt that twitter cant cope with the crazy football tweet,
and made some of them in china wonder what if everyone in china able to access twitter…
Will twitter still exist or already 24-7 fail whale

GFW (Great Firewall of China) already block international social sites like facebook, twitter, youtube etc in china. Means that those who leave in china wont be able to access without using VPN. Anyway, there are some of china users on twitter, because they can talk and tweet anything they want. This also lead to china’s own clone of twitter, like sina weibo etc.

The thing about china’s twitter clone is most of them wont able to tweet from anywhere (using phone or SMS etc). IF lets say china users able to access twitter and given that most of them choose to use it (which is still unlikely now since there is no chinese interface yet), the record of tweet per second may not be only 3283 tweet per seconds (as the record few days ago), it may easily reach 10k tweet per seconds……


anyway, im just wondering…..
What do YOU think?


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  1. jiggaboo August 25, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    Fuck Twitter. Who came up with that name anyway? A bunch of twits? I’m sure the world could have done fine without Twitter.


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