Whack a kitty

Just before the pictures and videos of T Music Festival, here is a short post.
And for your info, just give me some days to edit and organize those photos and videos. I WILL blog about it later.
Why so late? Cos i have a test this week and i need time to prepare. And i need time to facebook, i need time to twitter, i need time to sleep, and eat roti! LOL

I got tweet a little bit about T Music Festival, and will post more via twitter 1st from time to time.

So whats the short post about?
Actually just a picture! Cute one!
I get this from gladlyCast’s tweet I do think its funny thats why i post it up!

Click Me if u cant see

(If the link is broken, let me know!)

So enjoy the picture? Wakaka
Enjoy more when u join the twitter world! Follow Me!!


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