Wet liao~

Wow~ Today is a wonderful day.
This is the day i wont have to worry about how my STPM result is, cos i get it already yesterday.
i wont going to blog it now, maybe on next post.

Yesterday night, (after i get my result), i get a phone call from my friend, san gei.
She ask me want to go and see school counselor the next morning or not. So i agree loh, cos if i stay home also nothing to do ah.
So, need to wake up early. cos they say go @ 9am woh… xD
Went there… just have some chat with counselor, of cos some of the words from counselor are informative also.

Then we 6 people go to yam cha….
Go where yam cha?

Before this, our KFC was open 24 hours….
But today i go, no more 24 hours liao…
Buisness hour from 7am to 11pm…
Ya lar, can understand, now the economy so bad liao. If still remain 24 hours will chap lap.
Cos my small city bentong i dont think many will go to eat KFC @ 3am…

So we chat about our future there, chat about our daily life, chat about basically everything, everyone.
no electricity…
i suspect KFC bentong got no money to pay the bill…
Damn it, Since it is not that hot, we continue chat and chat until 12 something only leave.

Then i get a phone call from Jia En.
She say today the school choir got practice~
Perfect~ So i decided to go to have a visit to my dear choir members, by the way sales the DVD i make for choir members 2008.

So i went there and play play….
WOW~ This year’s choir group have a lot of new members, they are definitely not as playful as us, and they sing very well, better than our group.
So, GAMBATEH to them!

Then i look at the sky.
Oh no, its going to rain, so i decide to go back home 1st.
I tot i will reach home before the rain started…

When i cycle until the door of my school, it start raining VERY VERY VERY VERY HEAVY…….
As big as shower.
Haiz… i have no choice but to continue cycle. no point going back and i know it will keep on raining until night.
So, cycle cycle cycle….
On the way, the rain is going heavier and heavier.
I was like thinking… WT*, why rain so fast…
Then after some time, i changed my mind. I started to “enjoy” the rain…
Since when my last time cycle in the rain, i think got a few year didnt do so.
So i need to take the opportunity to “enjoy” the rain.

Cycle in rain… how romantic…
(there must be something wrong with joshua liao… maybe STPM result too bad make him sot sot…)
Then when i finally reach home, i looked like this….

With speed of light rain, i faster go into bathroom and bath. Or else i will sick tomorrow.
Till now, when the time i wrote this blog, the rain still very heavy outside…

What an enjoyable day…


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