Webcamp KL 26/01/2011

Just back from Webcamp KL
Its late and i need to sleep now.
I will keep this short.

Talk to so many people, inspired by and learn from them.
The topic for this time was Startups.
Some points i get from the talks and chatting around with them.

– Go work and gain experience before put your whole life into the startup. (for at least 5 years, and at most 10 years)
– Consultancy firm is the best place to work and gain experience.
– Bootstarp startup are more suitable in Malaysia.
– Try a lot and fail a lot
– its fine to kill your own baby, and kill it fast before it waste your time and money (***NOT literally***)
– Start small, dont try to boil the ocean
– Get a team (or partner) if possible
– know your niche and do it best
– the word “I THINK” shouldnt be exist
– say “i’ve done”
– get $$$ from your parents 😛
– Idea come first, technology come last.
– Idea is not dead, share it, get feedback and it will evolve.

And also some tips for my project 😀

OK i got to bath and sleep now. If you want to know more about Webcamp KL,
Search “Webcamp KL” in facebook. Its a group, join that group.
We have meeting/gathering every last wednesday of the month, location, Mindvalley KL, time? 7pm.

I can sense the webcamp KL 2011 is gonna be super awesome.


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