We have Wall-E. How about Burn-E?

Most you you all know about Wall-E. The movie Wall-E right?
Had you watched the movie?
Anyway, Wall-E is Wall-E. How about Burn-E.
Some of you might say, BURN-E? You must be kidding me!


Oh no no no! Burn E is something that really exist.
You can have a visit to wiki page about Burn-E

Burn-E is a Bonus video that featured in Wall-E’s DVD or Blue-ray disc.
So for those who watched it in cinema, im sure you wont get this in the cinema. Or those who watched pirated DVD, im not too sure they have it along or not… Haha
Its a 7 minute video clip. I had get you all the video in you tube in my post.
So Enjoy!

Haiya… all burn-e video at you tube is removed.
See this one work or not. If not work then click the link below:

Click on the link below to watch lah:
Click Me!
Credit to

So. Burn-E right!
I have the HD 720p version in my pc. Just downloaded it few minutes ago.
You can google it and im sure you will get it quite easily!


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  1. justapple November 25, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    lol burn-E! siao!!!

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