We all are Tribes!

Before this, tonight is just a plain lame sucks night…. with my files messing around in my hdd, and i cant figure out how to arrange them… and… its just sucks, till i found something that blown my mind off!

You know, WE can change the world!

I was as usual, digging into YouTube and looking for funny and interesting stuff, and Dan Brown’s video just simply awesome! And this one is REALLY REALLY Meaningful and bring a lot of food for thought for me….



And the du bli du video which is the source is here! THIS ONE REALLY REALLY MUST WATCH! (Dan Brown did pretty like a sum up!)
The video is 16 minutes long, but you will find it useful!
Do spend some time and watch these!

So, after watching all these videos, which lead to this question:
Whats my tribal identity?

I think most of the time im stuck at the group of Level 2 tribe which thinks “My life sucks”
Quite disappointed to find out that im in level 2 which i must admit some times, (Most of the time) i will see things more to the negative sides. But im glad that im kind of know what do i need to do in order for me to proceed to the next level. I will try hard to work this out, and try myself to proceed to the Level 3 tribe which says “Im great!”.

I need to re-think about everything in my life including words i says, conversations i made, thoughts i had, things i did, things i tweeted, i blogged, i commented etc…. And seriously i need to change my attitudes, how im looking into things…  and maybe go get more “self confidence” out there and say “IM GREAT” one day! And not forget to improve my skill of communication…

So which level of tribal identity are you in?
Lets work together to making this world better, let US be a tribe! Lets us help each others a lot and proceed to the next level of tribe and do SOMETHING in out life!


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