Ways to Get Idea for your New Startup

Want to start your own company? Or having your own product? But you dont have ideas?
Had too many brainstorm session and nothing seems to make sense?
No problemo. There are tons of people with tons of ideas out there.
As long as you have the time and money to do it, idea cost nothing.

Below are some ways to get you tons of ideas. Feel free to use any/all of them to get your ideas.

1. Talk to People

There are a lot of nice people that have a lot of great ideas. Some of them dont have money or time to make it a reality. Im sure most of them are happy to throw you some for you to work on. If you need to find those people, you should join WebcampKL. The facebook group as well as the monthly event that happen on every last Wednesday of the month.

2. Talk to Your Mum

Teaching your computer illiterate mum to use computer will spark a lot of ideas. “Son, why this dont work, why that dont work” or “Son, why cant this be like this, why cant this be like that?” Well, tons of usability problem that you can solve!

If you think suggestion number 1 & 2 are not good enough, or too troublesome, I have the ultimate solution for you, and it had been “proven working” for people.

3. Scam Your Way to Success

This one is so easy that I’ve provided step by step instruction to you. (Proven working case study also included, check links)
1. Start a new company for anything, a 4G company is ideal for this situation
2. Start a contest for startup ideas, promise something big, like 1 million USD. With a prize this BIG, it will probably attract thousands and thousands of entry, from the brilliant minds around the world
3. Keep quite for a long long time, after some time, announce that the project is cancelled because you cannot find any submission that met the standard required to win.
4. ????????

Good luck on using the 3rd suggestion, I wish you all the best.
BTW, I wish you all the best too…. YES4G. WHY DONT I GET MY $150 USD?!? FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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