Watson VS Human @ Jeopardy!

If you didnt know the big news (in the tech world at least, since i dont read other news other than those are tech related :P), Watson, an artificial intelligence program developed by IBM designed to answer questions posed in natural language. (wiki) had won human on the Jeopardy! ,an American quiz show featuring trivia in a wide range of topics.
Watson won big, but think back, human won it anyway, since those genius folks at IBM build that piece of software.

Its amazing watching the show, for those of you who havent catch the show, there is a torrent links at the end of the post.
I like they do have some facts and introduction to Watson and the team behind it. Its so amazing to see the technology had evolved to the extend that machine not only can understand single words but also human natural language, a lot of tricky questions too!
So whats next on computer technology or AI in more specific.
I think this time IBM did already built the skynet….. isnt it?
Guess the end of the world is coming soon

Well, go download and watch the three day show if you havent already, you may try your luck on youtube if there is still any left 😛
And if you watched it, there is a very interesting interview with Ken Jennings (one of the human winner of the Jeopardy)
You can read it here!

Torrents to the show
(Torrent links provided to those who doesnt live in US and dont have the opportunity to catch the show on TV or anywhere else)
Jeopardy The IBM Challenge Day 1
Jeopardy The IBM Challenge Day 2
Jeopardy The IBM Challenge Day 3


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