Want New Phone

If you remembered, i lost my phone.
erm nope, someone took my phone by forse, in other way, they robbed it.

And i had been waiting for my dream phone to come out.
and finally it will come out really really soon.
(and shh…. my ptptn money came already, should i use the money to buy my phone? anyway, my mum will maybe kill me… :P)

Whats my dream phone?
Android definitely! If its an iPhone, i wont need to wait till now to get it.

That day (25 nov 2010) htc did a launch at uptown, and the phone will be available next month!!! (Excited)
So which one should i get?

Desire Z?
I had always wanted a physical keyboard cos i think i will type a lot on my phone and i dont think on screen keyboard is my thing ;although i havent tried any phone with on screen keyboard and dont have any really bad experience about on screen keyboard anyway…
Anyway, Desire Z is super nice IMO.

Or Desire HD?
I love desire HD for the hardware. i think its more future proof.

Its funny that both phone is priced at RM2299 (thats the price w/o subsidize by telco)
and btw Desire Z is with Maxis
and Desire HD is with DiGi

I have no problem with both telco,
i think maxis will have a better coverage and will not drop my call that often so frequently (as digi do =.=)
but i think digi smart plan is super nice!

Will see how much they price the device, and hopefully i get Desire Z as a review program on #maxis10 and hopefully and play with it!
So December will be a great month!
New phone…….


2 Responses to Want New Phone

  1. Yuu November 28, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    Desire HD!! Android rocks! XD
    But better think well before you buy. PTPTN money leh…

  2. mr.tlchen November 29, 2010 at 12:00 am #

    Desire Z nicer…
    dun worry…
    ama oledi noe u wan to buy a phone….
    so she wont kill u.

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