Videos: Rasuah Song & PROTEST video

Recently, something “interesting” are happend to our country’s politic party. And the opponent party will always do something to entertain us.

Like just happend few day(s) ago, the PROTEST…

Watch the video:
BN, Barang Naik,Banyak Naik,Bila Naik,Baru Naik….
And a lot more lah!

Other than the PROTEST video, another one is the RASUAH SONG!
I dont want to talk much about this, but i can guaranty that you will laugh until cannot stop!

Enjoy it?
I would like to credit my friend Siew Haw to tell me there are these two interesting videos.

And, i post the video just to share some laughters around, i do NOT belongs to any of these politic party. So, just watch,laugh, and forget! Haha



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