VGM: Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld

I think I will start writing posts about some VGM (Video Game Music) I like. So you might want to subscribe to my blog if you are interested in video games, or musics, or video game musics! Haha

I think i will start with one single VGM that i just cant stop listening to. Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld.
To be honest, i havent really play Super Mario Bros 2 that much, and i dont think im really good at it. But i should grab a rom and start playing it on my nds or phone or whatever lah!
The overworld for Super Mario Bros 2 is just classic!

Here is the original music:

MP3 Download Links (Direct Download Link)

I have deep love with 8 bit retro music, i love chiptunes a lot, Koji Kondo’s music just classic and never get old. The game released on 1988, one year before i was born, and for this famous and well recognized songs, there are lots of remixes and remakes of the song. That is one that you cant miss, and especially for you all jazz fans out there:
ReMix: Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘SuperBuckJazz’ by Estradasphere

Download Link Page on

I havent checked out Estradasphere’s work much yet, but many says they are great. So maybe some of you might want to check them out. I will check it out and maybe report back later? Or tweet about it when i do. Follow me @joshuatly.

And before you think thats it, check out the rap version of the song. Really well done by youtuber Destorm. A fun one!

Okay thats all for this time, let me know if you like this post, or do you want more of these…
Share with me whats your favourite VGM of all time? Mine? I have no idea, it highly depend on what im playing or whats my mood. Hehe. But this is definately on the top 10 list!

My exam is coming next week, got tons of work to do, and havent start my revision yet… Better start working!


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