Verizon’s and AT&T Ad War

Its interesting to watch Ad war sometimes!
Like last time is the Droid Ad War i posted up…
Just right after that Droid vs iPhone ads, here come this Cell Phone Service Provider’s war, Verizon VS AT&T (which is actually the same company the who launch the Droid war)
Erm…quite obvious not Malaysia’s service provider,
(Like P1 and Streamyx’s war is not that interesting, as i personally think that “potong” is not a very good ads overall, and streamyx’s react is simple and not that interesting)

So at&t and verizon are quite strong cell phone service provider at US (correct me if im wrong)
And at&t had iphone, verizon had droid….. Both competitive.
But the following ads are causing lawsuits which…. interesting enough to follow!

Here is how it start

Verizon started it… they show a map showing 3G coverage and at&t claim the blue map is not accurate or something like that lah.
Then Verizon didnt stop there….

They make fun of iPhone too! LOLz


Bunch of similar idea ads come to attack AT&T…
And of cos AT&T fight back with another ads!
This is where things become interesting….

I love the last part of this ads! LOL
I got no comment about their service since im not the one using it and not likely im going to use their service now… (since im in malaysia and still sticking to DiGi)

-and according to some Maxis user, Maxis start to drop calls… which are irritating.

Hope you enjoy these few videos and do comment if you got something to say (like you dont like to read this kind of posts etc…. LOL)



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