Twitter SMS Changes Makes it SUCKS!

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Today when i on my twitter page and start to tweet, this message grab my attention:

Please read about important changes to our SMS service.

…Beginning today, Twitter is no longer delivering outbound SMS over our UK number. If you have been receiving SMS updates from Twitter via +44 762 480 1423, you’ll notice that they’ve stopped and…

Source:Twitter’s Blog

Walau Eh, i start using twitter not long ago, and i had been very happy with their service esp that we can recieve updates via SMS for FREE!
Still remember the blog post that i had written?
But now they say they will stop the service for those who living out of UK.

What i can say is… probably we need to find a way, maybe change to PacMee, which charge on every sms/mms downloaded or recieved…
Frankly speaking, i still feel that Twitter is the best micro-blogging tool to use till now.
PacMee is too complected (In terms of charge) and i dont like it.

If like this, no point of using twitter anymore as readers not going to recieve updates or news from writer…
Only the widget on the sidebar which probably wont get much attention from my blog readers, writing something in twitter become less important for me now.

How many of you all actually know and read my twitter’s update on my sidebar?

I got no idea. If you’re reading my tweets, please leave a comment.
If you dont know where my twitter widget is, then leave your comment also.
Do you think i still need to continue to tweet?

One more thing is, the alternative of not using Twitter as micro-blogging tools is just posting up my thought and short message in the shoutbox… Which i think it is also not effective
What do you think?

For this time being, i will continue to tweet no mater got people read it or not… until i find something to replace Twitter.

If you got any suggestion please also leave a comment!


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