TV3 Raya Advertisement Banned: The Story From 2 Sides

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Had you saw the TV3 Raya Advertisement on the TV or on twitter/youtube/facebook?
Ya, now its banned and all official youtube and facebook videos are removed.
But no worry, here is a copy of it i found on the INTERNET!

If this video is removed as well, you can download it HERE.

Well, story have two sides. Good one and bad one.
And too obvious the bad comment voices are bigger and that cause the video is removed and not airing anymore.

To see whats their point (about the Bad Comments)
You can read the details here:
Long story short is because it is deemed to be too westernized, un-Islamic and Satanic!

But there are also people say there is nothing wrong about the ads…
And they have some points too!
Read it here:

Anyway, if you ask me where am i standing, to be honest, i LOL a lot when i first watch the adv. And obviously this is my point of view of non muslim and a Christian. On the first view, i DO think that OMG this ads is look more like christmas adv! So guess those who are opposing this video had a firm point.

What do YOU think?


One Response to TV3 Raya Advertisement Banned: The Story From 2 Sides

  1. ikram September 17, 2010 at 4:24 am #

    i think should fire creative director.

    since when raya has a beca, that looks like a sleigh, and also the flower is soo like a lotus.

    and flying off to see your family in a distant land?

    what are we going interplanetary already?


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