Download:New version of TTPlayer Available (5.7 Beta2)千千静听5.7Beta2

Link To Most Updated Version of TTPlayer Download


Since few years ago. TTPlayer,千千静听 had become my favorite and the only audio player i use!
Now TTPlayer has come out with new version. Get the update already? Or else this is a good chance to try out my favorite audio player!

Download Link

WHY use TTPlayer

My reason is pretty obvious. It is because it comes with a lyric player, I can sing along or get know what Jay Chou is singing… HAHA!
Other reasons that i choose TTPlayer instead of installing other media player with MiniLyrics is because

  • It is FREEWARE
  • Lyric player with a quite good lyric server. [Although MiniLyrics lyric server database is bigger, but most of their lyric not as good quality as TTPlayer one]
  • It gives a good support of various chinese encoding. I wont face any difficulties on viewing different encoding of the song’s MP3 Tag
  • Converting features available in the player itself!
  • It comes with a very powerful ID3 or MP3 Tag editor
  • The sound quality is pretty good, in my opinion the sound quality can be as good as Winamp or even FooBar2000 [view comparison article or Google It!] The sound engine is unique and hardware supported.
  • Various skins available
  • Can category as Portable software, because it didnt write any string in your Registry. You can move your software anyware without installing it and you still can use it!

But at this time, there is only Chinese version available, no English translation available yet!
but it is definitely super easy to use! You can have a try. REMEMBER, the english song lyric database also impressive!

You can get the download here:
TTPlayer 5.1.0 Stable Version
TTPlayer 5.2 Beta Version
*Download Links Updated. A newer version of TTPlayer available for download HERE!

Download Link

Their official website is here:

Give a try, You will like it!

Please comment about what is your favorite media player / audio player. DO you try TTPlayer before? How do you feel.
Waiting for your comment!


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  • Do you have anyway of upload my own lyrics to their database? I have tried to register but their Chinese make me sick 🙁

    • i will try to figure it out and reply to you soon!

      • Choas

        can you tell me too when the ttplayer english version out already

        • i think its a long way to go since im not good in programming yet.

          • 中國人

            maybe u can read the forum of the software,then u will know how to upload ur own lyrics.



  • yumi

    can i noe y i can’t run da TT Player Setup? Pls help..Tq..

  • snoopy


  • snoopy

    download file

  • jaytan3983

    thanks you very much

  • gp

    halo, why i cannot download the ttplayer beta? one box came out stated that this file setup is not a Win 32 application. thanks for helping.

    • i think the file on my server is corrupted or somewhere got problem. i will check and see.

  • gp

    sorry, type wrongly, i can download but i cannot pay the file setup.

  • I liked a lot I hope soon learns to use it because I do not understand the Chinese language: (greetings

  • john

    i dont ger it can you change it to ennglish email me if you know how to change to english

  • Alex

    Great program, the chinese is not easy to learn but i was put more than 200 lyrics, its easy.

  • Thiyagu

    i cannot download this two softwares,

    TTPlayer 5.1.0 Stable Version
    TTPlayer 5.2 Beta Version

    ofcourse its downloading but its have only the capacity of 200 to 600kb, its downloading only half, i think its will be more than 02.00 mb,

    so give me the link to download the software

  • crazii

    oh man,is this an english version?

  • nope. its chinese version

  • Andy

    I have installed TTplayer and it’s running like a charm with the lyrics.
    But one problem I’m facing is that it wont store the lyrics file into my computer , I hope you can teach me what kind of setting I can alter.

  • Actually it save to the folder under program file. Anyway, you can change the setting to the lyric file will save to your mp3’s directory. just follow the setting as i do in the screenshot:
    Hope this can help.


  • MOUH

    yeah !!! TT is great …for me the greatest !! only 2M of memory , prety skins, but still the problém of english !!! :'(, but what’ever good job guys …

  • tn1

    hw i download qianqianjingting?

  • If you really want to have some thing like ttplayer, I strongly recommend you all to move to minilyric, that’s a cool, awesome program that I love very much!

    • minilyric is a shareware.
      and of cos not as powerful as TTPlayer.
      the only thing good is its in english and the database is larger (but not well organized as well). And you still can use your favourite media player with it.

  • super cat

    IS there English version for TTPlayer?

    • Till now, NOPE!
      I still finding a way to translate it to english!

  • rovilyn

    i can’t understand chinese,,,that’s why i can’t use it properly?!?..wanna learn,,,can u translate the buttons for me so i can know what to click???..thanks!!!

    • rovilyn

      i can wait…>_<

      • Hello

        I don’t use english software much, it may not be accurate

  • Adrian

    I have been using ttplayer for a while now and it always auto dl the lyrics for me. But now it stopped working, any idea?

  • setting wrong d?
    or try to reinstall

  • Adrian

    I didnt go change the settings oso…
    If reinstall then all my current lyrics ma gone d?

  • Adrian

    reinstalled, stil not working, it says ‘connection to server failed’ T_T

  • sorry,i can a little chinese,so i can more english,thanks.

  • alfredo

    can u make you have english version of your ttplayer please. i able to installed it but i can understand chinese language. Nice installer

  • boon

    can nokia 5610 can download the qian qian jing ting function…?

    • There is a similar software for phone named 天天动听
      go google search and u will get it.

  • 4sk

    Hey! please english language ttplayer Help..

  • Tpeixian

    fuck stop lah