TTPlayer 5.6 Beta1 Released (千千静听5.6Beta1版发布)

Link To Most Updated Version of TTPlayer Download

Long time didnt update the version of TTPlayer post right? Sorry for that.
So here i bring you guys the update!

So just to let you all know, the current stable version is TTPlayer 5.5.2
Change log are as below:

  • Support .tak lossless file format!
  • [HANDY] Play your music files straight from zip/rar files!
  • Some skins update.

Yeah! This is a pretty exciting one since the feature that enable you to play musics without extracting your zip/rar files is very useful!
Just drag and drop any zip/rar files to the playlist corner and ding ding… there is it!


PLEASE! Untick these two checkbox for your pc’s sake! Im sure you wont want them right!?!?
Enjoy your TTPlayer

And note that from this version onwards, its very obvious that it is ads supported. So to remove those annoying ads on your ttplayer, click here to find out how! (or since the post is in chinese, you may get download it from HERE)

So here is your download link to TTPlayer 5.5.2 Stable Version:
Rapidshare Mirror
(The file is 3.21 MB in size, so basically, i failed to collect any rapidshare points from here. So sad)
Original Link

This is it! The latest Beta1 vesion of TTPlayer 5.6!
Whats the new feature and changed log?

  • Added P2P music streaming to enable fastest music streaming experiences
  • Support lyric search in “音乐窗”
  • New music playlist category
  • You can save your setting files when you uninstall TTPlayer
  • Fixed the problem lyric unsync when playing from zip/rar files!

Installation Notes:

This line (which originally appear at the last page of installation) had moved to the front there. So read properly before you click next.

Untick that since is a potential unwanted software in your PC.
AND the last page too:

Hope this will help you a bit lah!
Im not sure this version is ads support or not since i just get it installed. The thing havent popped up yet.
So if you got any ads appearing on your screen, comment below to let me know.
And do try to use this method (or since the post is in chinese, you may get download it from HERE) and tell me do it work!

Download Links Here:
Rapidshare Mirror
Official Site Link

Enjoy your TTPlayer!


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