This is the unofficial FAQs of #YES4G: Chapter 3 – Devices

UPDATE About the YES Phone price.

Chapter 1 – Service
Chapter 2 – Pricing & Rebate

And here comes the final chapter (probably)

This is the unofficial FAQs of YES4G compiled by joshuatly!

Chapter 3: Device

1. MacOSX & Linux Support for YES4G Go Dongle?

YES Says: There is MacOS support out of the box, No for linux. But its in the roadmap.
I Says: Please linux users, please demand it. Send your request to their email ( . They say they will see if users demand it they will made it (faster, hopefully). Or someone, hack it 😀

2. When I receive a call/SMS, will all my device ring?

Yes says: Yes, ALL your device will ring. Choose the device you like to answer your call.

3. Battery Life of YES4G Huddle

YES says:5 hours on full charge

4. How many device can Zoom (the home router) connected

Yes says: Like normal DSL router
I says: I assume max is 32.

5. Yes4G Buzz, Whats the OS

Yes says: Its a feature phone by Samsung. Its a proprietary OS made by Samsung.
I Says: Forget about the phone lah, its completely rubbish. It better be cheap.

UPDATE: According to tweet the phone price is RM899, and as i said, it will be available in mid of next month. IMO its a bit expensive.

6. Will there be more YES4G phone soon?

Yes says: YES! In fact, there will be an Android YES4G phone soon.

7. Whats the manufacture of YES4G Android phone? Will it be Samsung again?

Yes says: No comment, but it might be from any company.
I says: I seriously hope its not from iMobile, or CSL. A proper phone manufacture please. Me want samsung galaxy LOL

8. Price of the Buzz and Zoom

Yes says: Price not revealed at the moment. It will be launch at Mid December 2010

Well, i think i covered almost 60% of your questions, and still, they YES4G site doesnt come out with any FAQs yet. So i can say this is the missing FAQ also lah!
Well, got any questions? anything to add or correct, leave in the comment.

I will try to update this when my answers are answered by YES4G themself.


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8 Responses to This is the unofficial FAQs of #YES4G: Chapter 3 – Devices

  1. CHAN November 23, 2010 at 10:16 am #

    How to re-install “yes go dongle”? I installed it in my laptop running under WinVista and it hang. Can see it was blocked by Firewall. So, I tried to uninstall it, then it said ‘it’s WinXP SP2 which is not supported by “go dongle”‘. How come? And it just won’t delete everything installed.

    Later, I re-install it, and when finished, it will prompt me a message to restart (which never happen when I installed it in my other laptops under WinXP as well as Win7)

    Now I still cannot connect to “yes”, I wonder why and I hope I can find a solution here.


  2. whoisyes November 25, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    Dude, what are you doing downloading 100GB on a wireless mobile line? Let me give you an analogy:

    It’s like you want to have a 100-person dinner party in your car. Sorry dude, the car is for moving around, not having parties, can only fit up to 5 people. You don’t hear people complaining they need to buy 20 cars to host a 100-person dinner party right? Logical people have the dinner party in a fixed room and how many people you want to mash up in that room is up to you.

    And the dongle can handle up to 4 wifi connections, not 32. The price of the phone is RM599, go to the flagship store you’ll see their advert there show it clearly. The Android phone is from HTC.

    Your FAQ is seriously full of mistakes, dude. And most of the info you ‘assume’ I found it with simple Google search. Won’t that give your blog a bad reputation, giving out WRONG INFO?

    • whoisyes November 25, 2010 at 1:16 am #

      Sorry the huddle not the dongle can handle 4 wifi connections.

      • joshuatly November 25, 2010 at 1:26 am #

        Oh there is already announcement about the android phone? So fast? Wow.
        I dont see any price on buzz yet (on the net) and i have not time to check the flagship store.
        Will get the info and update the blog post soon 😀
        Thanks for the info.

        By the way, if the speed of the connection is fast enough, i dont care if its a wireless mobile line or its fixed line. And i see YES4G might be faster than streamyx at any time. And my point is, its not meant to replace streamyx. simple enough.

    • joshuatly November 25, 2010 at 1:27 am #

      If you have links to news about the YES4G Buzz phone and android phone, please link it here.

  3. chorwin November 26, 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    Thank for the detail info coverage for YTL Yes from product, pricing, service and bla bla… 🙂
    anyway, I read a forum, and like to share it here. The Yes Go is good for casual on the road user, or light user. If you got a few family members that share the single account for mobile broadband, then Yes package is fantastic, as it easy to hit 1GB for 2-3 users.


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