This is the unofficial FAQs of #YES4G: Chapter 2 – Pricing & Rebate

Chapter 1 – Service
Chapter 3 – Devices

This post is a part two of the 1st chapter of the FAQs, which is about Service.
This chapter i will comment about their Pricing.

Is their service, REALLY Pay-As-You-Go, and is it REALLY Lowest Rate?
Lets find out.

This is the unofficial FAQs of YES4G compiled by joshuatly!

Chapter 2: Pricing

1. Price of YES4G

Yes says: Pay for what you use. (More rate read here)

I says: Not really. Dont forget the RM30 per month commitment which makes the service not really pay as you use. You use less than RM30 per month? Yes4g will say: SCREW YOU!
Truth: Yes4G Minimum Usage Requirement Minimum Usage Requirement is stated in the Terms of Service which if users don’t ask, if user dont read (most of the time this happened) , they don’t mentioned.
Cant understand the lines above? Well, it basically means, you don’t use RM30, screw you, what we want is your money.
!!NOTE!! IF you DONT USE MORE THAN 1GB Data usage (or call a lot) or if you mind paying RM30 per month, DONT SUBSCRIBE!!! Else, you are good to go.

2. Is YES4G Prepaid or Postpaid?

Yes says: It’s neither Prepaid or Postpaid. Something in between.
I says: It’s Complicated (trademarked by friendster. but who cares!)
And see what our friend pointed out:
fake yes4g prepaid
Truth: It uses “reload” mechanism, but with no validity, BUT MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS ALWAYS MORE THAN RM30! I heard you can pay via credit card make the service seems like postpaid. Thats why i say It’s Complicated.

3. Rebate of YES4G

Yes says: Exactly As i blogged here (or see the banner above)
I says: Long Long Story. Not that simple as you think.
I need you to understand something.
1. Rebate is credit on the following month. So you still need to “feed” your account with the money and make sure you have the enough credit to surf before the rebate comes in.
2. Your usage meter is reset each month (starting of your billing cycles)
3. They had 7 billing cycles each month but each customer will be assigned to one when they registered
4. Quantity of GB is determined by Subscriber download only.
5. The quantity of GB you download that is using your free rebate data is not counted in the total usage when they are calculating for the rebate.
So eventually, if you so happened to get a lot of rebate, for the next month, you are unlikely to get any more rebate except you use MORE and MORE.

4. What will happened if i use less than RM30 each month

Yes says: They will deduct from your rebate, and then your credit in your account. If there is not enough money to be deducted, your account will be barred or terminated.

5. I got a RM30 rebate from YES4G credited to my account. Does that mean i need to spend RM60 (RM30 normal usage + RM30 rebated usage) to keep my account alive

Yes says: No, the rebate you get will be also counted as how much you use.

6. Since everything is done via the internet, will the bandwidth consumed when you make call or send sms counted as data too?

Yes says: No, Calling and SMS in YES life is not counted as data usage but is billed as voice and sms.
I says: This is what nice about YES. And i heard there is free sms within YES ID too. (since its more like messaging via IM but not SMS)

7. Validity after you stop using the account

YES says: You still able to receive calls for 90 days after you stop paying/using for the account before your account is terminated.
I says: Fair enough.

x. Question with no answer (yet): Is there a maximum cap of the bill of how much i will need to pay each month? If i download 100GB will that mean i will need to pay RM3000 that month (or RM2100 after the rebate kicked in)

I still dont have answer. I already send the question to their customer service via email, and hope they will reply.

Thats all for the chapter 2. If you have anything to comment, anything to add, let me know in the comment.
If i gave wrong info, please correct me.

Next (and probably the final) Chapter of the FAQs will be about Device. Some serious “inside news” will be posted 😀


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5 Responses to This is the unofficial FAQs of #YES4G: Chapter 2 – Pricing & Rebate

  1. xin voon November 26, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Actually,as I know, students from some university can use free 300MB monthly until they graduate after registering the yes id…they don’t have to pay the RM30 commitment fee… And they can get rebate of RM10 for 10 month after buying the Donggle.

    • joshuatly November 26, 2010 at 8:29 am #

      ok I will further check out on this matter and update the post once i have the correct information. Thanks


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