Things I Did On My 21th Birthday!

Merdeka! And its my birthday!
Im 21 years old now.
Anyway, im always young, since most of the people say I still act like 3 years old child. 😛
What to do!?

What i did today?
I check you guys’ wishes on twitter, facebook and SMS.
Thanks a lot. Im so touched.

Then i sleep a lot. I almost spent half my day in the bed. LMAO
Holiday what!

I played some PS3 with my bro, but not for long.
What i spent my time the most doing (except for sleeping of course) is setting up my new blog.
So why dont you go and check out my new blog:
Cool & Easy Tips

This is my first try doing niche blog (and hopefully can earn a bit)
Will add more content there too!
But no worry, i will still update this blog.

Thats all i did on my birthday! I successfully get a new blog working and online. Yeah!
If you havent wish me yet, better hurry LMAO!
Although no cake, no go celebrate like crazy, i still enjoy my birthday a lot!
<3 joshuatly2010

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