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If you havent know, yesterday i was complaining about im so damn lazy and assignment submission date is close, but you know what? I just went to a movie screening just now πŸ˜›
WHAT?!? Dont judge me.

OK The Social Network
(Its not out in Malaysia yet, wait till next month to catch it in cinema, or go search for illegal download. Im just sayin, BTW for your information, DVDSCR already out. Its totally fine if you want to watch that :P)
But believe me, this movie is worth catching in cinema.
the social network poster
Oh by the way, a big big thanks to #smckl for giving me the pair of ticket, thanks TGV for sponsoring this event and P1 for giving me free coke and popcorn. Oh did i mentioned i hate coke? Nevermind, i love them just now. and i had two “bottle” of popcorn and two cup of coke. Hahaha.

One more, i also love The Gadget Blog.
engadget the gadget blog poster
(Trailer here)
If you dont know what im talking, its totally fine. Cos i read engadget and im a loyal engadget podcast consumer.

Back to the movie. Its a really good movie. And no doubt score a good mark on imdb too (8.4/10). But you just need to remember, its all pure fiction. If its not fiction, i think the movie will become incredible boring LOL. (no lah).

This movie, The Social Network, is for nerd. REALLY! If you are not nerd, not like all of us sitting in the hall, you might not enjoy this movie as much as we do. But still, you will enjoy it. The script is well written, a lot of laughable moments, make me laugh really hard at quite a number of scene. Not to forget the storyline itself is also interesting (although again, pure fiction), How they film and present the whole story also caught my attention. This movie doesnt got 1 flashback, but a lot of them. not like some movie, at first show the ending, then flashback, then make their way up to the first scene. Its not like that. πŸ˜€
Music, yea, good music. (not the best lah of cos. its good anyway).

blablabla and more. I enjoyed the movie, the free screening, the free coke and the free popcorn. I love free stuff LOL. (although i spent RM23 taking taxi from wangsa walk to bukit jalil, cos the LRT station already closed).

you understand what im writing? No? Yes? Anyway, im tired. Tomorrow got early class and i dont want to skip that class. So Good night.

Remember to catch the movie in cinema early of next month.

OH One more thing, the things i’ve always complain about TGV are their seat (no head rest =.=) and their website. But surprisingly, the wangsa walk cinema seating is super nice, they got head rest already!!! YEAH! And 1U TGV will be undergoing renovation next year. And i heard they are also revamping their site. Hope they come out with a new site that sucks less lah. Go see how GSC did that πŸ˜€


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