The Secret Trip: #YES4G The Great Penang Food Hunt

Well, weeks ago, Daniel called me and check with me if im free this weekend, and i say YES!
And i got no further details what so ever. I think, cool, its a secret trip. From the day on, i keep bugging Daniel for more information, but… i didnt get it till today which we are attending the event @ Ritz Carlton.
Ya, its a YES4G trip, to Penang! How exciting!

Im now here at Ritz Carlton, and basically its an introduction to the YES4G all over again, before we go onto the trip. I believe i had see and hear everything 4 or 5 months ago.

What happened just now, Tan Sri Dato’ Francis Yeoh is talking about YES4G, how amazing the network is, how cheap it is, and he refer a lot about Steve Jobs presentations, he talked about the Steve Job iPhone 4 launch wifi fail, and yadayadayada, and YES4G is realizing Facetime in Malaysia…

The interesting one is about the YES4G Android Phone will be coming out in a few months (2 or 3 months, well, im sure i heard the same 4 or 5 months ago in a blog called 😛
Well, I just hope that the phone wont come out with Android 2.1 and never update the system… And Im pretty sure it wont have stock android. And i still dont get any information about who will make the phone, anyway, i hope it is good. But i have a feeling it will be a cheap one, and… i dont want to speculate more, hope will be able to drill more information later from them.

And the CEO of YTLComms Wing K Lee do a bit of demo and more talking, which we heard about before this…

And, they said, the android phone will have Facestime (copy from the apple facetime, but it is faces time… get it LOL)
Why faces time? Because they will have 4 parties video call, on the android phone and next version of YesLife. And… Yes Life is coming soon to Mac. Hey guys, where is my linux build? Me use ubuntu leh!!!

Then wow, they say how successful the launch was 108 days ago. (its like yesterday :P) and not to forget their portal fail in the first few weeks…

More presentation like Penang coverage, (which we are going to experience), and Acer partnership, ePay to reload your YES4G account, and they have a special categories on the ePay site, and maybe they paid 100M for them to do that. Im just sayin… LOL

Then… Yes4G is so…. cheap…
Ya, i understand its mobile internet, and its quite appealing to me which i think im going to continue using the RM68 for their plan, which i will cover in the future post.

Erm, nothing much after than.

Oh, not forgot to mention, they gave me a Huddle! Wakakaka, and RM150 credit to play with along the trip. Must tell myself, dont donwload too much, RM150 can be used in like few hours if i download like i do using my 4mbps streamyx in my home.

I feeling “good” that my twitter account avatar is still the Yes logo parody, “meh” and i dont think i will plan to change it. Hope they will not kick me out of the trip if they see that. 😛
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Signing off, so cold in here… Oh, will try to put more picture in this post soon.



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