The future of NFC on phone

Recently I had some sweet time with my Nexus S which you can read my little review here.

And one of the selling point (I guess) or the feature of the phone is come with an NFC chip in it. If I’m not wrong this is the first smartphone with an NFC chip.

I didn’t know how widely used NFC chips are in my life until one day my phone just beep and said one unknown tag collected.

At first i dont know whats happened, but after some days, i discover that if i put my Touch N Go card near my phone, it will react. Because Touch N Go uses the NFC technology too.
Other than that, i read that a lot of credit cards also uses NFC chips and enable the “wave to pay” function.

I think this feature is very handy, i think in Japan, people can already use their phone to pay for almost everything, and act like touch and go d.
What i want to see in the near future is more phones equipt with NFC chips, hopefully iPhone 5 cos that will be the reason that everyone is on board of this NFC thing, and i want an Touch N Go app on Android, then i can use my phone to pay on highway, and public transport.
If you didnt know, i just lost my touch n go card, so sad, right after i reloaded RM50 into it.
Im still waiting for them to process my refund.

Anyway, im quite excited to this NFC on phone thing. And btw, if you study in APIIT/UCTI, your student card is also NFC enabled. I dont know why they dont take advantage on that, which is sad. If you know anything around us everyday that uses NFC on it? Please let me know.
I would rather carrying one phone than carrying my credit card, touch n go card, and many other cards that uses NFC chip in it.

Let me know if there is any interesting use of NFC in Malaysia. I would love to know.


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  1. Elstam February 6, 2012 at 6:31 pm #


    I am really new in this NFC i try google it but in vain still don’t understand , how it work
    so did your Nexus S been program for Touch N Go card already?
    I am using S29100 model did this model has NFC? and recently all malaysia S2 model has change to S29100G does this has NFC chip too?

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