The Fun Theory

I discover a funny site(s) and some videos.
Yea, the site is
Its a Volkswagen project! Its really fun!
Watch the videos below!

Piano Stairs

World’s Deepest Bin

Bottle Arcade (which this one is just a preview)

Interesting right! Make sure you check the site often to see if there is any update, and do inform me if you saw any woh!

More interesting, which doesnt appear to be valid on the english website yet.
If you go to their original site (it seems), and in dunno what language…
{eh eh, why ah, dunno what language still call us to check out the site?!?. something wrong or not!?!}
Of cos not lah!
You try something interesting…. move your mouse… to the blue big dot on the banner!
Click it!
You definately will like it!
(what will happened?)
Yea, its secret here, go and try it out.

I will ensure you that you will click that for many many times till you addicted to it!
I wonder why they dont make the same on english site…

Enjoy watching and clicking!


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