The Day When Everything Goes Wrong

Is the day when EVERYTHING in my life goes wrong….

First, i woke up, i decided not to go to KLCC because it will cost me a lot and im broke already.
I decided to work at home, doing the project for my new website.

While working, browsing some net, my laptop suddenly freezed…..
i cant even move my cursor….
need to wait for 1 minute, then it become ok.
After 5 minute, the same thing happed again!
OMG This is killing me….
i tried everything i can to stop my laptop from bullying me so that i can continue working…
but i failed.
After my laptop did this to me for a few more times, i decided to kill my laptop…
What i mean is format it. (i wanted to do this for quite some time already… so i think its time…)

So i need to backup my files from C: to my external hard drive.
about 60GB data need to be moved….
Since i’ll take a long time, i just went to watch some astro, and take a bath.
But when i come back, what i saw is…..
WTF my computer!!!!!

I restarted into safe mode, then i discover that not more than 5gb data is transfered….
DAMN need to wait for another n hours….

backup backup backup…..
Its time to format my computer…

Seriously i dont know what happened to me, i go and deleted a 10gb partition on my hard disc (its full, out of 10gb only left 50mb free…) without even think what the hell is this 10gb partition for…
after my windows installed successfully….
by then only i discover WHERE THE HELL IS MY W: DRIVE?!?
And the best part is i dont even remember what i store inside. Means the 10gb of data might be important, or might NOT be.
So i hope i will never need those data….

Then i spent the rest 4 hours ++ installing softwares, configure my machine, checking stuff etc….
then suddenly…..
I set my google chrome to automatic sync the bookmarks i stored to my google account, and i assume that it will sync everytime i added a new bookmark.
But now….
the set of bookmark i have is the set of bookmark i had one years ago

I ended up do nothing really productive till night time.
When i started want to do something to my blog, then i discover i cant even go into my own blog (!!!
Then i started to do some troubleshooting (although i know i just go and restart my modem then case close), and i talk to my server admin…. try to solve that problem….
when everything seems to be OK, then internet start to have problem.

My internet connection packet lost percentage is 100%, else ping is like 1000ms…..


Luckily, i solved my blog’s problem (I think its DNS not updated), and then eventually the internet went back to its normal condition, which im happy about.

Ya, not forget my phone got some problem too….
Lazy to elaborate here…

Conclusion is everything in my life today goes wrong….
and made my good day become bad and did nothing productive.

but i tell myself 明天会更好.


p/s: I have no mood to blog about Open Web Asia already…..
tomorrow is Google DevFest. I believe i’ll be good.
and good night.

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