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DJMax Technika Review

DJMax Technika @ Genting Highland Malaysia

Finally, I went and try out the arcade that i wanted to play for a long time, DJMax Technika, and here is my little review of the game.

The hardware

The arcade looked really nice and stylish, with 2 big screens and one of them is touch screen, no physical button or anything, it just neat. But actually i do expect the screen to be a bit bright or sharp. Dont know if they tune down the brightness.
The speaker of the arcade is not that impressive, only OK OK, but luckily they have not one, but two headphone jacks, with a volume control. And I did bring my own headphone while playing the game, so IT ROCK~!!!
One of the most impressive feature of the arcade is the vibrating stage. Its quite fun to feel the bass while you are playing the game, and not to forget that, the external sound system still will rock even if you plug in your earphone jack, so that people will still saw your performance.

From what i found, there are 5 machines located on Genting Arcade Center. Each game cost RM4, and I heard there ARE some machines that are located in KL. So do keep an eye on your favorite arcade center and hopefully they will get the machines some day.

All machines in genting are connected to the internet, which means you CAN use a ID card if you have one, but unfortunately, you cant get any ID card in Genting.

The Gameplay

DJMax Technika is a really unique game, its like no other game, which means the gameplay process is completely new to me. Im really lazy to explain how to play the game, you can watch it on the youtube video below.

The game have three difficulties levels, Lite, Pop and Technical mode. For me personally, Lite mode will be a little bit too easy while Pop is a little bit too challenging for me. Note that i didnt spend many time and money on the game, since I’m broke, RM4 a game is NOT CHEAP for me. On Lite, i can finish the game easily, but on Pop, i can hardly finish any songs with 6 stars and above. And for those which i had manage to finish, my “blood” has only a few left. One thing make me dont understand is, i manage to pass two stages with a little bit “blood” left, but they show me game over… =.= RAGE!!!!!

Conclusion is, the game is FREAKING HARD to a newbies like me, if you play or familiar with DJMax music, you have a better chance of winning. Else, play Lite will do. I only manage to get E or F most of the time on Pop. Haha

One serious flaw of the game and make me damn RAGE and wasted RM8 on two games are the FREAKING CONTINUE BUTTON!!!
If you failed a song, it will ask you if you want to continue, so if you put another RM4 inside, you will continue the game on the stage that you are currently on, (means if you are on Stage 3 of Pop, the RM4 will only get you ONE SONG’s gameplay). Why not just skip the continue and start a new game, and you get to play a complete 3 stages (provided you didnt fail again)
And im stupid enough to accidentally click on the Continue for 2 times… GG gone my money….. cos its not like i will be able to pass the song anyway.

Haiz with that all said, i really hope i will have more money to play this game, as this game is damn fun but damn hard. Or…. i hope i will have money to import one unit and put it in my house WAKAKA… JK


It does looked like the machine is imported from China instead of US or Korea since there are DJMax ζ—‹ι£Ž’s logo there…
I dont think the machine is extremely popular in Genting, or i think the game is too hard. Why will i say so? Because when i played a song, even though i score like F, but it still write there “High Score” WTF! But the high score will only register onto the machine IF you finish the whole game (and not game over in the middle of any stage)
I seriously think you will need earphone to play the game, because when 3 machines placed side by side, although the other two have no one playing at that time, but the music and noise generated on those freaking loud machines does distract you quite a bit.
DJ Technika 2 is already released long time ago in Korea and US, but what to do, we only get Technika 1 after so many years, rumors are the hardware are the same, but i dont think Pentavision will offer a software upgrade only… How sad is Malaysia arcade scene.
Oh ya, i do really hope there are machines that being moved to KL, and place on those well maintained arcade center, and please lah, RM3 only can? Hahaha. And anyone know why we cant get the Technika IC here? There are internet connection, but no IC card selling here, how to play online?!?

I think my only solution now is continue DJMax Portable 3 on my PSP. oh wait, my PSP is with my brother now… Haiz…. NVM then. Play TapSonic loh…. O2Jam Analog also not bad…
Oh… actually the DJMax Technika “can” be ported to Touch screen based smartphone right? Not that hard…. PENTAVISION, Y U NO DO THAT?!? I know i know, you want to sell more arcade machine. I dont blame you.

OK enough of rant and thats all for the review. im busy writing my educational blog, and some projects, and some work, and some school work…. SO SO SO BUSY.



Tap Sonic Fix for HTC Phones & Others – Tap Sonic 1.03 Android apk Download

Finally, Neowiz fix their Tap Sonic Android version and make it able to run on HTC Phones and I believe many other phones.
Here, welcome Tap Sonic 1.03!
And Im so glad that im able to run this game on my HTC Desire Z now, and no need to borrow my brother’s Nexus S just to play this game. So, im super super glad. Just finish a few games before writing this πŸ˜€

tapsonic title

So, for more detailed informations about Tap Sonic and other music games on Android phone, please refer to the links below:
Tap Sonic: DJMax on iPhone/iPad
Tap Sonic Coming Soon To US iTunes & Android
Tap Sonic 1.02 Android APK Download

O2Jam Analog on Android
O2Jam Analog APK Download
O2Jam Analog Music – Invitation by Zeron
O2Jam Analog Music Pack

Change Log In Tap Sonic 1.0.3

Added support for HTC Desire HD and many more phones. So Tap Sonic are able to run smoothly on HTC phones, including my HTC Desire Z
Can run on Wifi only devices.
Improved App Runtime Performance and stability
Added 180Β° Rotation on Android 2.3 and above
Original Link

Note to those who update

From some forum posts i read, those who update will need to either backup the songs they downloaded, or else you will need to re-download all songs after the upgrade. So beware.
Other notes: This version is still Korean version. International version release havent have a date yet. I think they will work on putting the iOS International version first before Android. Anyway, this is just my thought.


Tap & Slide, Feel the flow~! Rhythm Action Tap Sonic!!
TAP SONIC by Neowiz Internet is the newest most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your Android! Don’t just feel the music, Tap the beats and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC!

[ Operating Environment ]

– Platform : Android 2.1 or later (Recommend 2.2)
– Device : GalaxyS, GalaxyS2, GalaxyTAB, VegaX, Optimus2x, NexusS

[ How to play ]

– You can play TAP SONIC only online.
– Select game options at the music menu to enjoy various play modes.
– The song played in Single Game can be played again in Nonstop Game.
– Play the 4-line songs 10 times in Single Game to unlock the 5-line songs.
– Play the 5-line songs 30 times in Single Game to unlock the 6-line songs.
– Locked songs can be unlocked by completing Challenges.
– With a Premium Ticket, you can play selected songs without using Music Points.
– You can purchase Premium Tickets in the music menu and Shop.
– Purchase Premium Tickets by tapping the ‘BUY’ button for a song in the list.
– Songs that say ‘PREMIUM’ can be purchased with Premium Ticket.
– Perfect Plays by completing songs without missing any note.
– Log in with Twitter and Facebook to show off your skills and amaze your friends.

[ Features ]

– A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade)
– Using game option, to suit different levels and preferences.
– Starpoints are earned every time you play TAP SONIC
– Starpoints can be used for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items!
– A range of difficulty to suit everyone’s gaming level
– Challenge 4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels
– The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs

[ Please read first ]

– Both charge and without-charge songs are constantly being updated.
– Level/ranking/multi-play functions will be updated in the near future
Continue Reading →


O2Jam Analog Latest APK Download Update v2.0 (2011-07-06)

UPDATE: This is a major update version, since you will get new songs as they release it with this version. On Friday they had updated a new song… Electro Fantasy OMG! Super fun (and this song is damn hard for me… i cant even complete in normal mode =.=) So looking forward for more updates with more retro o2jam songs!

Yay, another weekly update of O2Jam Analog APK. Finally its v2.0. And some notable differences here

TL:DR version: Its a music game on Android Phone, much like Tap Tap Revenge & Tap Sonic on iOS. The game is currently in preview, only available in Korean T-Store, Its currently Free to Play but i think it will feature pay to play mechanic when the game launch officially.

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O2Jam Analog on Android
O2Jam Analog Music – Invitation by Zeron
O2Jam Analog Music Pack

O2Jam Analog APK Download


1.devices with 1Ghz CPU recommended
2.android 2.2+
3.resolution 800×480
4.preview version (only 7 songs available now)

Full version will be available on July 2011


Update Log (2011-07-06)

Added Song “Hide and Seek” by ampstyle
Added Auto Update Feature to songs (Some songs require wifi connection to download the songs in order to play)
Bug Fixes

Download Link

CRC32: 32DA5F2E
MD5: CA0B3DB876E343A75926B10329B80B61
SHA-1: F7505C027A27E03A64F5F4AE44A7D141A25212B1

Mirror (by gliyo)

Song Download Links will be updated very soon πŸ˜€



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