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Tuition OR Choir Trip?

UPDATED 16/7/2008:

CONFLICT RESOLVED as the choir trip cancel already! Haha since nobody want to go! lol

Well, I just signed up for the maths intensive revision class at KL. And the reason i do so is because the teacher is quite good (According to Mr Goh, the teacher is the best maths teacher in M’sia… I dunno lah is it true or not), and the price and notes given are also interesting, and also because i need more this kind of things as im too poor in my studies!

And after signing up, only i wonder that, oh no, the time of tuition crash with the Choir trip! Choir trip will be on Saturday, where normally i will be spending the whole day tuitioning in KL. Look at my schedule:
10.40-12.10 Maths Tuition at Kasturi
12.40-2.10 PA Tuition at Yakin
2.30-5.15 Maths revision class

Haiz… 23 of August. Saturday, if I go tuition, I will miss the super exciting choir trip (Which is the only thing we get after so many times of presentations and competition).
If I go to the trip, I wont say I will miss those three tuition lah, but I need to replace it on the other three days for three tuition. You know how much it cost for each time I go to KL tuition?
Let me show you!
RM 4.60×2 – Bus Fair
RM 1.20×2 – LRT Fair
RM 5.00 Eat      
RM 16.60 –  Total [provided I don’t buy something extra to eat, buy drinks, and go to other place)

Walau eh, one time go down RM17 ady! Then need to go down three times a week,plus the trip is four times lah! so I will spend almost RM50 for just going down to KL for tuition replacement, excluding the tuition fee! And I spending this RM50 is for what? Kononnya I want to join the choir trip …

Is this worth? Im asking myself. And is that playing more important or tuition more important or I say like that or MONEY more important?

Lets say: I choose

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Joshuatly’s Theory of Sleep… Haha

Recently, i had done some “experiment” and get my very own conclution, then i wrote my very own theory, and this very own theory, of cos, may not be suitable for you cos i say it is very own theory ady… Haha, it is only TRUE for ME! (And some of you maybe, i dont know)

Well, on one day, i sleep at 9pm, awake at 6.30am.
Im hoping of i wont feel sleepy in school, can concentrate on work/studies.
BUT, it is like the same i sleep on 12midnight and wake up at 6. Seems that the extra 3 hours of sleep didnt give me much! Haha.

Then, what do i do?
I sleep at 2.30am and awake at 6.30am
Hoping i will be able to sleep in school for the whole day. everything is just like the same.
BUT, it is the same…
I dont feel like yesterday i didnt sleep well…

Then 3rd try is i sleep for long long hour, including one and a half hour nap.
Result is… I STILL feel sleepy when tuition time.

SO what is the conclution?

Conclusion: Dont care what time to sleep,how long you sleep everyday, study when you got mood to study, sleep when you dont have mood to study. Got time play computer until you feel that online is damn boring, same as play piano, until you drop! Then you will want to study le! Haha.

Very own conclution and theory rite!
And also i think i need to exercise more, cos read some article related, and i had to make up my mind… Prepare 100% for the STPM! Haha, so today i decided to study until tomorrow morning… Haha, joking only. Do you think i will do so?

p/s: Do you have any suggestion how to have a quality sleeping?
Or mind to share how you study? And tips of how to sleep/study for me?
Drop a comment. Thanks!



Short Update 02072008


dont worry, just i got tons of things to do these days, so dont have much time to blog!
I will continue writing more and more posts soon, included my poem… Haha.

July ady, not much time for me to prepare my STPM, hope i can organize my time so that i can manage to do my STPM well, as well as for my blog and in playing my piano.

Last choir post will coming soon, in this week!




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