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Music of The Day: Danny Wiessner – Game Girl

This week I’m super into gaming… and Danny Wiessner’s song just make me addicted to the song!
Danny Wiessner – Game Girl

I first heard this song from Podcast Beyond and fall in love with it instantly! Great parody!
Still waiting for the links to buy the song. Will update this post as soon as i get those info!
Here you go.


“Game Girl”

I came to play, play, play, play.
Our quarter’s up, now what you say, say, say, say?
That’s why we’re here at this arcade, ‘cade, ‘cade, ‘cade.
Girl, you and me, we put them away, ‘way, ‘way, ‘way.

Yeah. Yeah.

Yo, when my baby comes along,
Well, then, it’s on like Donkey Kong! Yeah!

She’s at a stage I’ve never seen before.
Level Seven of the Light World.
It’s clear that she’s my all-time highest score.
I’m her Game Boy; She’s my Game Girl.

We rockin’ DDR to some J-Pop tunes.
Co-op “Super Ace” 1942.
Roll some Tank! Tank! Tank! Blowin’ off the roof.
Doesn’t matter, babe, ‘nless I’m here with you.

Let’s take it home, home, home, home.
Jump onto our favorite console, ‘sole, ‘sole, ‘sole.
Don’t be expecting my game to go, go, go, go
Easy on you just ’cause you’re a boy, boy, boy, boy.

Yeah. Yeah.

And so we crowd our big TV
To get some friendly rivalry! Yeah!

We Party Mario so hard it hurts –
Sporting blisters from our tech toys.
He loves when I wear his Nintendo shirts.
I’m his Game Girl; He’s my Game Boy.

Dreamcastin’ Power Stone, Jet Set Radio,
Got some GoldenEye on the ’64.
Might be hours ‘fore we get crushed by the moon,
(It might be hours before we’re crushed by the moon.)
But it’s all I need just to be with you.

We’re gonna game it all night.
(We’re gonna game it all night.)
We’re gonna be the last ones standing.
(The last ones standing at all.)
After all the fire fights,
(After all the fire fights…)
We’re gonna leave the blast zone laughing.

And I would rather be
Hiding against a wall (up against a wall)
With you in a mall (in a war-torn mall)
Just waiting for the zombies to clear…
Zombies to clear, because the
Coast isn’t clear…

Her stats are guaranteed to make me spin.
Hottie champion of my whole world.
Hand-eye coordination FTW.
He’s my Game Boy; She’s my Game Girl.

‘Cause we gon’ save the world, sitting side-by-side.
We gon’ light it up like it’s Vampire Night.
I’ll be Player One; I’ll be Player Twice.
We gon’ knock it out like it’s Final Fight.


If you like the song, like their facebook page too!

Oh by the way, check out Player 2 Press Start too! Awesome song too!

Rant: Damn youtube now if want to get the embed code need to click two times instead of one =.=

Oh by the way, if you cant get enough of nyan cat, it can be on your youtube progress bar too!
Check out my post about how to do so.

K now back to TF2 while looping this song forever!



My New Favourite Podcast: #LOLShow

As you might had known, Im a podcast listener.
Not sure how many of you guys out there are same as me, consume podcasts daily/weekly.
One of the reason i start consuming podcasts are because i started to use iTunes and own an iPod Classic.
And also podcast is the reason i wanted to have an iPod Touch so badly since my iPod Classic had been robbed months ago. I think i will get my iPod Touch next month as soon as i get my Google Adsense and Nuffnang money 😛

Podcast this thing i dont think had pulled off in Malaysia yet since none of my friends listen to podcast regularly as far as i know. And also not many local podcasts that produced in Malaysia or SEA yet.
I listen to quite a lot of podcasts produced in US included Buzz Out Loud podcast by CNET (Daily), Engadget and Engadget Mobile Podcasts (Weekly), buch of howstuffworks.com podcasts and some revision3 one.
And there are some good and interesting podcasts produced locally in Malaysia or SEA.
Some of them are This Week In Asia, TechBeat (aka The Edge Podcasts before this), and now the latest addition, and also my new favourite, Life On Line Show (aka #LOLShow).

#LOLShow hosts are John Lim, Niki Cheong (From The Star R.AGE), David Wang and David Lian (Text100)
Every week, they will bring you the latest news about social media around the world and also around Malaysia and SEA region. Giving you insight and depper look on whats hot in facebook, twitter and everything else that is social related.
Thats why im suggesting YOU who still dont listen to podcast regularly to start listening to this podcast. Its fun, its interesting and informative.

Here is the latest episode of #LOLShow (Last episode of 2010, episode 11)

Show page: http://zineradio.com/lolshow/2010/12/24/life-online-show-11-best-of-2010/

Some suggestion for #LOLShow.. hmm.
I think the podcast can be a bit longer, so you guys can talk a bit more about each and every topic, although i think 30 minute is a nice length but ….
Let put it this way, haha make it a bit longer (45 minutes?) or do more than one show a week 😛
I like the way you guys discuss each topic and gave quite a lot of good and interesting information. And i lvoe the panel now, and hopefully will see some interesting guest coming on 2011’s show.
And everyone love free stuff, more contest or give away HAHAHA!!!!!

And by the way, if you listen to the episode above, you can win A FREAKING BLACKBERRY Curve 3G!!!
Check out more information on the link above on how to win the BB (hmm… let it be mine)
Can i get this super nice BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G as my New Year Gift? Please…

The BB Curve 9300 3G has these interesting functions as listed below:
2MP camera with flash
WiFi & 3G
Optical trackpad + media keys
BlackBerry messenger
Learn more at the BlackBerry Curve 3G product page.

I urge you, please listen to the #LOLShow and im sure you will like it (if you like facebook twitter and stuff lah!) Subscribe using RSS or iTunes here: http://lolshow.podbean.com/feed/

Do you listen to podcasts? What local podcasts do you listen to?
Let me know by leaving a comment below!


p/s: Merry Christmas.


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