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O2Jam S on iOS: Review and GIVEAWAY!

O2Jam Shoot Header

O2Jam S LogoO2Jam fans, rejoice! There are now more ways to satisfied your need for O2Jam, although we knew O2Jam on PC might never came back… but fret not, another O2JAM game on iOS. This time it is O2Jam S.

Download O2Jam S Lite (Free)

Download O2Jam S Full Version ($2.99)

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O2Jam S Review

Very different than O2Jam U, which is another O2Jam game on iOS and O2Jam Analog on Android, this entry to the O2Jam lineup is NOT free. The game cost $2.99 (price drop to $0.99 at the time of writing this), but have a lite version for those who wanted to try it out. The game is essentially a 2 button O2Jam, but with a twist, other than click or click and hold, now they have SHOOT. By adding this mechanic to the game, it make the game a lot more challenging. Other than normal click and hold, shoot require player to shoot a “pinball” to a disc, doing so give you more points and bonus. From the few play through of the game, I must say it is NOT easy.
First of all, I’m not really a fan of the 2 button mode of any O2Jam game, as it make the game somehow harder, cranking too many notes into one line make my brain jam. O2Jam S sort of did the same thing to me, I think i need to crank up the speed to very high in order for me to play properly, but at the same time, my respond time is not that fast too. And the shooting is not easy to aim, and will cause you to miss, if the ball miss the target, and there goes all your combo. I discover that you can just play the whole song without the “shooting” element, as it you count if you just click like normal instead of shoot. But still, definitely a challenging game.

Music selection of the game, well, it is… okay in my opinion. Player wont miss the classic V3 song, along with 12 others songs listed as down below.
– “Light” by Pory
– “%S”by Pory
– “New World Black” by DRJ
– “Extreme Fantasy” by Memme
– “Identity Part 4” by SHK
– “Hyperion” by M2U
– “V3” by BeautifulDay
– “0X1311” by nao.paradigm
– “Black Dragon” by Trance
– “Black Swan” by Zeron
– “The Ashtray” by r300k
– “Revival On” by Warak
– “End of Fight” by All.o2SE

The game is definitely fun, and if you like the 2 button mode a lot, this game is specially for you. And if you love other O2Jam game, it is not hard to fall in love with this game. I’ve 10 O2Jam S codes to give out at the end of this blog post. Find out how you can win one yourself!

O2Jam S Gameplay In Action

O2Jam U update

If you missed my O2Jam U review, you can read it here, else here are some update for you. O2Jam U had added tons of new songs, and according to MOMO Corp, a huge update is coming soon. It has been ONE MONTH since O2Jam U launched in iTunes. It had done very well and charted 1st in many Asia country.
And if you havent heard the news, O2Jam U songs are FREE TO PLAY for this very weekend to celebrate their one month birthday! PLAY ALL YOU WANT!

O2Jam S Giveaway

Here comes the excited part. Thanks to MOMO Corp, they had provided me with 10 codes to giveaway to my readers. These codes will give you a FULL VERSION of the game O2Jam S for FREE! To win, just enter the simple raffle below. You can do it once everyday to increase your chance of winning, one user can only win one code. So, let all your friends know and join the fun!
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O2Jam U (O2Jam Ultimate) For iOS Devices | O2Jam U Review

O2Jam U for iOS Header
O2Jam U iOS Download LogoO2JAM is now available for iOS!

Download O2Jam U for iOS

O2Jam U Review

After a long wait, iOS user finally can get their real o2jam fix. (THIS doesnt really count).
O2Jam U for iOS developed by momo corp After O2Jam Analog developed by NHN CORP which only available for Android (Google Play Store), the iOS users get their fix for O2Jam from Momo Corp.
I got the game one day earlier to try it out thanks to the O2Jam Global facebook group and here is my review for the game.
This game is NOT an android port for iOS, but from what I can see is a completely new project, feature completely new UI but same core gameplay as O2Jam Analog.
Same as O2Jam Analog on Android, it has a freemium model, the game/app itself is free, and there are songs that are free to play, and some will cost you in game currency to play each time.
O2Jam U for iOS Splash Screen
O2Jam U features an interesting new UI, and as the game just launch today (18th May 2012), the song selection is rather limited (16 songs at the time of posting, 5 of them are free).
The gameplay is great on my latest generation of iPod Touch and feel smooth. The unique “sliding” mechanism works well and thats the one reason I love playing on my Android phone. I do believe the note sheet is the same with O2Jam Analog, and the Jam Combo system provide another “risk reward” mechanism to the game as you will lose 1x of you jam combo when you miss 2 or 3 notes.
Game modes, the same 2,4 and 5 key modes, and each song has easy, normal and hard difficulties. There is also no Game Over for light user.
Each song also has their own unique leaderboard, so hardcore O2Jamer, ready to fight for the 1st place on the leaderboard?
Other than the normal Landscape mode for the gameplay, it has a Portrait mode too. Not really helping when you are on iPhone or iPod, but I will imagine it will come handy for iPad users.
The game looked really promising, and I can see myself investing a lot of time and money on the game. Although the game account is NOT compatible with Android version, (if you pay on Android version, you will maintain and pay again for the iOS version) but its still fun and not many people will play on both version.
One more cons about this first version is I dont see any way for you to change your in game name. Well, I guess you will either need to stick with what number you get, or they will implement the function later.

You can learn more about the game after the break where I include many screenshots of the actual game.

O2Jam U for iOS Song List

O2Jam U for iOS Music Select Screen
The music list for the launch version 1.0 are as follow:
1. Invitation by Zeron
2. Do You Know? by S.I.D_Sound
3. Revival On by Warak
4. Hide & Seek by S.I.D_Sound
5. Whistle by Warak
6. Wind, Please Stop Blowing by Warak
7. A Christmas Memory by Warak
8. Weakness Heart by Warak
9. Wonderland (Adventure Mix) by Warak & Jinny
10. V3 by BeautifulDay
11. A Little Dream by M2U
12. Gypsy Tronic by M2U
13. The Raven by Aura(JH)
14. Direct Injection by Aura(IV)
15. Visual Dream II (in Fiction) by S.I.D_Sound
16. Black Swan by Zeron

O2Jam U Gameplay Video

O2Jam U for iOS Screenshots

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