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404: Brain Not Found

Phew here am I again, blogging and talk shit. Hehe.

Since dont know when, my phone had *mysterious* shut itself down while its in my pocket. I never knew why until yesterday. Before this i thought it was a software problem or some weird apps that made that. But yesterday when i was in the bus, i discover that even in my hand i can recreate the mysterious problem, just by putting some force onto the middle part of the phone, and puff, its gone. Then i need to restart my phone again, and 2 minutes start up time *yawn*

Then today, my brain told me to go and repair my phone before the problem get worse. And since it is a hardware problem, and its under warranty, i need to send back to HTC. After some googling, and calling maxis care line ( & listening to 5++ minutes of rubbish song while waiting for some human to talk to me), i found that there is a HTC service center in Plaza Berjaya! Nais!
I can go there and service my phone, then go to BTS to watch KFP2.
I didnt plan this ahead. and dont know what voice go and tell me, go service your phone first only go watch movie and bla bla bla.
OK Loh, i went and pass my phone to them, everything is smooth until i walk out of the door.
One error pop up from my head…
Error 404: Brain Not Found

Oh my god, i need to use back the dunno what phone, nokia ah, got keypad and t9 de ah, got directional pad but only up and down but not left and right, torch light, BLACK PIXEL SCREEN OMG!!!
i feel so retro now

I pop in my sim card… and it prompt me to set the time. WHAAAATTT???? Whats the time now…. OMG im so lost… need to find some CLOCK!?! Luckily there is a clock on the GSC ticketing counter, i set the time. Then date, Hmmm…… i hardly can remember what day is today, and now it asked me date. So smart me, i go and look for GSC Kung Fu Panda 2’s poster. 26 May, it wont go wrong! Haha See, so smart is me.
I browsed the menu…..
Was looking for foursquare to check in, get glue to check into the movie (and hopefully get some stickers), tweet a bit and browse some web.
No smart phone = no brain.

This made me remember the latest XKCD comic, extended mind
xkcd extended mind
OMG so true. Me cannot wassapp my brother, need to SMS and share my feeling to him. I cannot read tweets and send tweets, i feel so foreveralone now… I cannot check in and stalk if any of my friends is nearby, so hand itchy… I cannot go to the Internet, my brain is not with me now…

Anyway, i manage to stay alive for that few hours, and do spend some quality time reading books. I think i should do more reading, since it is so fun.
And when i came back home *finally* and turn on my netbook,
22 emails in my inbox =..= (look like pig or not?)
Tomorrow and maybe for the next few days, no phone day. Have no idea when my phone will be fixed, and i miss listening to podcasts while in the commute/LRT.

OK lah, me wont die de… no worry.
Talk a bit about KFP2.
Kung Fu Panda 2 poster
Funny as always, stupid faces didnt failed to make me giggle, storyline is quite nice!
The only thing is…. (*no much spoiler lah*)
why is the village name called Gongmen? Gongmen city…
If you know chinese well enough, doesnt the word 肛门 cross your mind?
BTW the word in english means ASS HOLE!!!
Ass Hole city, WAH! SO HARDCORE!!!
This made me think why they still rate the movie as U but not 18SX LMAO!
Generally its a good movie, 3D is not bad too! Go watch it in the cinema, its worth the money!

Oh one more rant, my feel to 3D is neutral. Some 3D movie I love a lot, and some i just hate it. Not only the ticket is more expensive than the regular one, and the 3D “eye ware” make me super not comfortable. I found different cinema’s 3D eye ware is different. Some are very comfortable, and some make me want to stab myself in the face. The one that i dont like the most (along all the cinemas that i had went to and watched a 3D movie) is GSC Maxx. The eyeware itself is free size, but dont know is it my spectacle too big, my face too fat (or i am too fat) or dont know what problem. the eyeware simply wont fit. Plus the eyeware itself is quite heavy, wearing that on top of my spectacle make my nose can drop off. Haiz. What to do? 3D, dont know hate or love.

K thats all. sign off.



Android Update: HTC Desire Z Desire HD System Update

If you havent noticed yet, your awesome HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD had a System Update from Android 2.2 to 2.2.1

If you havent get yours, please do the steps below:
Oh, before that, please make sure that you have:
Charged phone. Please make sure your battery level is more than 35% to install the update.
Decent wifi (its 44MB that you are going to download)
A few minutes (5-10 minutes after downloaded the update file) to wait, and not use the phone of cos!

Now you can do the steps below to get the update:
Press “MENU” button on your phone,
Choose Setting
Scroll down to “About Phone”
Click the “System software updates”
Click “Check now”
and you should be able to download the updates!
Then after download, install loh. nothing much to do. just click enter and sit there wait 😀
And after waiting and restarted, you should see a message prompting you saying:
Congratulations! Your phone has been updated successfully to version 1.82.707.1. (for my desire Z)

Well, i dont know what changed, although there IS a changelog but i didnt read it 😛
And im still waiting for 2.3 update….

Enjoy your updated phone and android 😀



#Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Posts So Far

This is like an index to all my HTC Desire Z posted for #Maxis10.

Maxis10: Maxis HTC Desire Z first look
First post after getting the post. Details about pricing, some hardware features, and a group photo of fellow #maxis10 reviewer for this time 😀

Maxis10: A day in the life of the HTC Desire Z
In this post, I written about how my HTC Desire Z phone go with me with my daily life. Included some of the highlight of the features of the phone and some of the very nice software I found useful in my everyday life!

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z – Type or Touch?
I had always wanted a phone with physical keyboard, and i finally get to play with HTC Desire Z which has a super nice cute keyboard. Is the keyboard useful? Do i prefer Type (on the physical qwerty keyboard) or Touch (on-screen keyboard)

Maxis10: New HTC Sense, Too good to be true?
A very important feature of the HTC Desire Z is the NEW HTC Sense UI and HTCSense.com web service. The cake is a lie? Well, you can learn more in that post.

Maxis10: Why Android? Why not iPhone?
I know iPhone is nice, but why i think Android is nicer. To be fair, not really a comparison, but some of my opinions and that’s what i thought.

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Battery Life
Battery life is important to me, and how this phone did. Some of the problem issued and proposed some of the feasible solutions.
If you find yourself having battery life problem, can refer to this post too!

Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Pros and Cons
In this post i focus more on Cons since i wanted to be really picky and write something “bad” about the phone, and at least make the public aware of the problem do/will exist and consider of them when making decisions. And note, there is no product in this world is perfect, and im just being picky in that post. I still love the phone anyway. I really do! Haha

Maxis10: Android Market Alternative and Apps Recommendation
New Android Market, and some Alternative of Android Market. Followed with some of the Apps Recommendation.

Maxis10: Android Games Recommendation
Games Recommendation for Android.

To read all of my #maxis10 posts, you can click on this link.
#Maxis10 is a very good program and i like this program because it gave me the opportunity to try the latest model of the phone and maybe own those products too! I enjoy playing with new products and writing reviews about them. I hope i will own the HTC Desire Z phone. And also i hope i will get chosen again for #maxis10 to try out more awesome new technology in the future.

There are parts of the phone which I didn’t cover in my review, so i suggest you check out these post below written by the other #maxis10 reviewer of the phone.
The obvious part which i didn’t talk about is the camera of the phone. You can check out how the phone perform in taking 5mp photo and shooting 720p video.

Maxis 10 – HTC Desire Z Camera & Video Function for Japanese Restaurant Nagomi Food Review
Jason Ong is a photo blogger which i think i did the right think to leave the camera review to him. He took some great pictures and make me hungry, and also explain how the camera of HTC Desire Z perform.

HTC Desire Z, HD Video & iMovie
Jaco Swanepoel explain how did the HTC Desire Z camera perform while shooting 720p video. Sample video also included so you can check out the quality yourself.

Another feature which i didnt touch about is the All In One Mailbox. Which is a sweet feature of the phone. But for me i didnt make use of the feature since i only uses one email inbox as my primary inbox, those other inbox-es are full with spam and unwanted email. Haha

All in One Mailbox – #Maxis10 – HTC Desire Z
Read Muhd Tarmizi write about the All In One Mailbox feature in malay.

Did i missed anything? I hope not.

I really enjoyed the #Maxis10 reviewers Program experienced. I had always wanted to be tech journalist, and maybe #maxis10 is a start for me to do that! Thanks Maxis again for providing this opportunity to do so. (Pssss. maxis ah, will i get a chance to be part of the maxis10 again in the future ah? Im so looking forward for that :D)

To join #maxis10 reviewer program, check out their facebook app, or their facebook page
To learn more about Maxis’s latest products, go to their website at www.maxis.com.my

And this post ended my journey to review Maxis HTC Desire Z. Now what i will do is sit here playing with my phone and hopefully maxis will tell me that i can keep the phone instead of returning it 😀 (And then i got a free phone wakaka).

Happy New Year everyone!



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