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Game Review: Limbo

OMG I can’t believe I had actually made it to the end!
I just finished the awesome puzzle game, Limbo, and I recommend you to play it too!

limbo logo

Limbo is a very special game, in a black and white world, with no dialog, no cut scene, and hardly any loading (except when the time you die). You play the character of a boy, he got no weapon, but is walking around in the world of Limbo. He need to go through all the obstacle and fight the “enemy” by using tricks and solving all the puzzle. The game doesn’t tell you anything when you start, you just exploring the world around. The control is dead simple, just one button for jump, and another to push things or button. But the gameplay itself is FREAKING HARD!

First lets talk about the graphic of the game. The world is really dark, the first thing that catch your eye will be the character’s eye. The black, grey and white graphic really sets the environment of the game, to be a really creepy and dangerous place. The game hardly have any background music, but the background noise itself is enough to freak you out. I remember i bought the game on PSN few days ago, in the middle of the night, and started playing with the headphone on. My family are sleeping, and the game just creep me out… especially when i reach the “escaping from the freaking huge spider” parts.

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Tom & Jerry Predicted Gmail’s Logo Back in 1942

Sometimes I wish I can predict the future, like the Director of Tom & Jerry had predicted the GMail’s logo back in 1942.

gmail logo predicted in 1942

In Episode 6 of the cartoon everyone love, Tom and Jerry titled “Puss n’ Toots“which originally aired on 1942/5/30, around 60 years ago, at the around 1 minute mark, it clearly had shown the gmail logo as in the picture. How amazing! Haha

The gmail logo can be seen at the time around 1minute 6 seconds. Link here

Thats all for the Gmail fun story.
Via – Guao.hk

Speaking of predicting the future, i wish i could had this power weeks ago when i bought Team Fortress 2 as its now Free To Play…
WTF!!! another 5 USD spent for nothing (other than the 30 hours of fun i had for these weeks)
OK lah, i cant blame anyone for this… If you want to play, go download it now.

And add me on Steam and we can play together!

Enjoy your weekend 😀



Your Ultimate Guide To Follow E3 2011

[This post will be sticked till the E3 is over, scroll down for new blog post]

E3, also known as Electronic Entertainment Expo is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware. (Source)

As usual, I will try to follow the event live (means waking in the middle of the night here in Malaysia), but unfortunately I think i cant follow them all due to my exam and I still need to prepare for it.
Anyway, this post is your ultimate guide to follow E3 2011, live or afterward. I will include links, and this post will be updated frequently as more information flows in.
This post will be similar style with the post i did on CES 2011 earlier this year.
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e3 expo logo

After the break, you will find:
Guide To Read The Time
The E3 Schedule
Live Video Feed Links
Blogpost & Liveblog Links
and more…

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