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Haha, these days i had been quite active in one new forum (or website i should say)…

This is a new tech forum/website.
The main page ( news section) providing some interesting tech news that worth to read!

And going to the SOS page, which is a very good place where you got question to ask.
Some members will try their best to answer your question… but sometimes question that requires expert knowledge still remain un-answered due to not all of us are good in everything…
But this situation will be getting less and less as more and more people join this forum and join the SOS zone~

Then, the discussion zone.
In the discussion area, we talk about anything, everything…
Relevant and irrelevant…
Tech, entertainment, games, auto, sports, etc etc.
You start the topic, we join the chatting!

Quite fun joining this forum, i have a lot of fun chatting here and there~!
So why dont you join now?
They are also having a contest right now, its a LUCKY DRAW contest!
That means you join the forum at the last day you may also win the price.
The price is CASH~~~~~
There are RM1100 to be given out to 3 lucky forumers!

And you can also blog about it and get more chance of winning!
Thats why i blogged about it!

The contest ends @ 11 March.
So fast fast join the forum and start to chatting non stop!


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