Spot the DURIAN!

Recently had been working with my fathers, with no pay 🙁
But actually just sitting in the lorry most of the time. LOL (Thats why no pay)
And quite boring right, my father is doing local fruits wholesaling. Basically just go collect fruits, then send it to selayang there!
So what we do while travelling all the way to everywhere… We play games!
Whats the game?

Spot the DURIAN!

The reason we can play this is because these few months will be (and IS) durian season…
And also most importantly along the road we take have some durian farm, and most of them will have durian trees (rubbish)…
NONONO… i means durian on the durian tree.

Picture credit: Wikimedia

The first days….

Father: See so many durian on the tree!
Me: Where is the durian tree?
Father: =.=

Father: See durian tree!
Me: Where got durian tree?
Father: NEH! That one in front of your eyes ah!
Me: Where where?
Me: Oh… that 1 is durian tree…..

After one day….

Father: See durian tree!
Me: Where where where….

Since we are driving and cant stop, i just missed everything….

Me: See so many durians….
Father: =.=|||||

Cos im mentioning the durian stall beside the road….

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Wakaka, thats the only durian i can spot… while my father say VERY MANY ON THE TREE…
I will just reply:
Where got?
Na Li?
Kan Bu Dao!
Nampak tak ada…
See nono…..

Then my father just swt swt swt swt swt……

After some days, i manage the spot the durian tree… at last… the leaf is brownish in colour… Wahaha… so geng hor me!
But still dont get to spot durian…

Father: See, so many durian on the tree…
Me: Where got durian…
Father: (Driving more slowly… or stop completely)
Father: Neh, there, got one two three four…. about twenty on that tree….
Me: I dont see any woh…
Me: Oh oh! I saw ONE
Father: =.=|| ONE only ah….

So we spot durians (on the tree of cos) along the way, some i can spot, some i cant.
Some my father say got many many many on that tree, i say:
Yea, i saw two…
Then my father got nothing to say… LOL

Till now almost one week liao… Seems my eye is not as good as my father’s eagle eye
I say, of cos lah, u used to live in kampung when u r small mah….
Me live in taman de where got durian tree for me to play…

While working with father, sometimes he share some experiences when he was still a child, how they play in the kampung or farm, how they go and collect and sell fruits…
A lot a lot of things that i dont know, or now-a-days people will never have those experience my father share with me…

So fun working with my father.
And i hope my ability to spot the durian will increase day by day, until one day i can beat my father! Wakakaka

Can you spot durian? (On the tree one, not in the supermarket or beside the road selling those kind)…
Or can u even spot a durian tree?!?


3 Responses to Spot the DURIAN!

  1. Ah Hong July 7, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    Bro, you got sell durian ka? How much per kilo? Lol 😀

  2. joshuatly July 7, 2009 at 11:10 am #

    yea, what type of durian u want?

  3. nxvoon July 7, 2009 at 10:57 pm #

    hav u ever “kiss” by durian? Haha,is hurt! never try to stand under durian tree,is dangerous.if coconut and durian falls on ur head,guess which 1 wil hurt u the most???

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