Some statistic that you never know… Did You Know?

Just now i received an email from a dunno who…. invite me to go to dunno what…. Nothing catches my eye but some video link provided in the mail…
Title says Did You Know

I watched the video it totally, totally BLOWN MY MIND!
I saw that video is tagged as 3.0, i supposed there is more version around, then i start digging around.
Of cos in the process of digging, i get some pretty FAKE AND GAY videos (but pretty interesting) at youtube, you way want to watch it here. But it totally is a waste of time.

But the rest of the videos below, YOU TOTALLY WANT TO WATCH THEM ALL!

So i get all the videos link below from this wiki, which have most complete resources and links :
Go check it out if you like.

Now the 1.0 version.
Its originally started out as a PowerPoint presentation for a faculty meeting in August 2006 at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, United States. (Quote from here)

(Youtube Link, Download Link)

Did You Know 2.0 (June 2007)

(Download Link)

Did You Know 3.0 (A remake of version 1.0)
(This is the video i received in my email)

(Download Link)

Did You Know 4.0 (September 2009)
The Most recent version.

(Download Link)

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