Short Update about iPods

Hm… New iPods are in the store now!
I want to get the newest iPod Touch.
Since this is only a short update, i will write more on it tomorrow… when my exam nearly finish.

Here is some stats for the new iPods.
New iPods are available in Malaysia Store from tomorrow (12/9/2008)

Prices are listed as below:
1GB = RM189
2GB = RM259

ipod nano

Nano(4th gen) – colourful!
8GB = RM599
16GB = RM799

iPod classic

Classic: (now only 120GB version available, One classic for all!)
120GB = 999


Touch: (2nd gen)
8GB = RM949
16GB = RM1229
32GB = RM1629

Wow, who want to buy me one iPod Touch?
Then maybe you will hope the price drop for those old models.
I got the price list also!

Shuffle: (still the same price)
1GD = RM189
2GB = RM269

4GB = RM529
8GB = RM599 (same as the 4th gen)

80GB = RM799
160GB = RM1229

8GB = RM829
16GB = RM1179
32GB = RM1579

All price are quoted from

I hope i got time to write more about new iPod, others posts tomorrow!
So, which iPod will you get for yourself?


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