Short Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D

UPDATED: With my PHOTO! Scroll to the end of the post!

Yesterday, saturday, after my tuition, i go and watch movie with my friend! We watched

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the center of the earth poster

Unlike other movies, we watched this movie in 3D!
Wow, is that cool!?!

Thanks very much to siew haw who help me to buy the ticket and he queue for half an hour to get the two ticket,as saturday, people always too free to go to the cinema and watch movie… i think is the movie hellboy 2 lah! Haiz…
Only 3 cinemas in Malaysia, and then only 3 halls in Malaysia shows this movie in 3D! So we headed to KLCC since there got the 3D version on show other than mid valley and sunway!

The price for the ticket is: RM 167!!! If you broke the sunglasses 3d glasses.
No lah, is only RM 17! Hm… i dont think i should use the word only, since it is quite expensive to me ady! If you broke or spoil the glasses, you need to pay RM150 for it… Haha, that time is padan muka!

So, how is my comment about this movie?

I should say that if you are planning to watch this movie, i will say it is better to pay RM6 more to watch the 3D version.
Cos i personally feel that if the movie not shown in 3D version, is just a plain normal movie, nothing special about the movie other than its 3D!
And if you have a kid who never watch 3D movie before, or YOU yourself havent watch movie in 3D before, this is a very good chance to take a try! (Just like me, 1st time watch movie in 3D, hahaha)
The storyline is okok only, but they say this movie got quite some version ady, and this is the best remake!
I dunno, nothing too good about the storyline.
And got some pretty obvious mistakes in the movie as well, like they didnt take the backpack when they’re going to somewhere, but after sometimes, they will have their backpack with them again… how amazing! lol
And, it is only a 92 minute movie, quite short lah i can say, i expected more… but… haiz

Wow, 1st time in my life watching movie in 3D, wodering who invented this technology! I need to thanks him lah!

If you dont wear the specticle which is one side red and one side… dunno green or blue, you wont be able to watch the movie as you will see got shadow in all 3D parts. From what i see is things that you see in 3D are depper inside, you will able to see a larger angle of splitting of two colour image without the glasses. This is only my theory but dunno is it true or not lah!

And you know the TGV, the advertisement and the trailer before the movie start is… wow, like 1 or 2 only! This makes when the movie start, quite a lot of people still coming in… finding their seats, and you know, kind of irritating.
One more thing is they dont wait for the movie to end before they switch on the light! Still got about one minute to the credit part, they already switch on the light. Probably the want to setup the counter to collect back the glasses. Haiz… too bad lah!
TGV should do something better…

Well, my rating for this movie in 3D is 7.5/10!

So do you watch this movie? In 3D?

Share your experience here!

p/s: I got take photo of myself wearing the 3D glasses, but the photo is not with me now… you will able to see the photo on mon or tues. Check out this post later again!

Here is it! (Updated: 16/7/2008)


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3 Responses to Short Movie Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D

  1. CeD July 13, 2008 at 6:17 pm #

    In Penang, there’s no hall that has this movie in 3D version. =( Pay RM150 if break the 3D Glasses? Maleh! Blood suckaaaa!!!!!!!!! XD I couldn’t watch that in 3D so I felt that the whole show is a bore… 🙁 Couldn’t feel the thrill…

  2. admin July 14, 2008 at 11:13 am #

    ya, you are right! no point watching it if it is not in 3D.
    i think in GSC if you break the glasses you need to pay RM200 for it! Haha,
    Go KL for that show lah! Haha

  3. Helen August 10, 2009 at 6:16 am #

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