Its B-O-R-I-N-G…..
Super boring!
Since everyone go out or go back liao, leave me alone at my room…
And internet still not fixed. Already more that 1 week liao!
Nothing else to do other than doing some work like wask my cloths, eat, etc.
Therefore, i watched K-On for the n-th time already. Esp the Episod 12, im not sure how many times i watched it.
Although after watching it for so many times, im still laughing and enjoying the whole show throughout.

So regret didnt go home… erm, little bit home sick liao.
Miss parents, bro, and miss the internet, miss the piano, my bed, etc.

Orientation week ended.
So its time to ready myself for my studies. I choosed Software Engeneering which i dont think it is an easy subject.
Several time i worried about myself that i can complete the whole course or not.
And sometimes im thinking about switching to Web Develpoing which i think will be easier for me.

But this is a challenge to myself!
I must prepare myself to the war. I must not remain the “fuwa fuwa” attitude as before.
Im preparing for a war, in return, is my future.

So, sunday im planning to go to PC Fair, not to buy thing, just to have a walk, since its also boring sitting at room. And maybe can grab some freebies there! LOL
I have no money to buy things i want liao. And i need to save money since cost of living in KL is very high, so must save money, for my studies, and also for my DSLR Camera!

Bye July and Hi August.
August will be an interesting and challenging month, since my course started, and it will be my birthday at the end of the month!
And i will go back to Bentong the time when my friends in public uni are all back for their sem break! Miss them so much

Soon will write about my “wishlist” as my birthday coming soon…
FYI its on Merdeka day! (31th of aug) and im 21 years old!
Can go to casino liao… LOL
Who are going to fulfill my wishlist?
You maybe!?!


p/s: This post was written when i have no internet connection, so i just copy and paste and post it while i get connected to the internet…
If the no internet situation still continue, u will expect more of this kind of post… talking about the past. Hehe
You wont mind right!?!


3 Responses to Saturday…

  1. xin voon August 3, 2009 at 10:50 pm #

    next year only u r 21 years old woh?!! next year only u can go to casino,haha!

  2. anonymous August 6, 2009 at 12:35 am #

    >>bad internet connection
    >>orientation week ended
    >>pc fair on sunday
    >>software enginering

    are you in UMS Kota Kinabalu???

    • joshuatly August 6, 2009 at 6:43 am #

      im in APIIT, Bukit Jalil Teknologi Park Malaysia

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