Reasons to Say (Yes/No) to #Yes4g

This is not written by me but Liew Zhao Yao on his facebook post. I figure out i will be nice to share it “out of facebook” by re-blogging this.

Reasons To Say NO to #Yes4G

Not Free for EDU student (USB Dongle is RM99 rebate RM10/10mths)
Not Cheap (RM9 = 300MB)
Not all area in coverage (65% only)
Not all phone can connect (you need a MiFi (Huddle) which cost you RM399)
Not real Pay as You Go (Min monthly must top-up RM30)
Not real 4G standard.

—– below is what i added —-
You still need a computer to make call. (Forget about the Yes4g phone buzz, will talk about it in coming post)

But its not all. I written my own version of Reason To Say YES to #Yes4G, well, check it out:

Reason To Say YES to #Yes4G

Prove that you are freaking rich.
The call rate is cheap
You can enjoy local call cost even you are not in malaysia (provided you have a good internet connection which is NOT YES4G. Read more in the FAQ post that im now writting.)
You are sick of sim card
Its fast than your current 3G.
You can have internet when you are on the road.

What else? You have something to add? Please write in the comment.

By the way, im composing a unofficial FAQs about #Yes4G. Please looking forward to it.


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  1. Yen November 20, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    Expected from YTL.


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