Reason Not to Buy Original!


UPDATE 20/09/2008:
Good news for all. EA increases activation for ‘Spore’, instead of three times, now you get five!
You can read more news here (

If you read Amazon or following whats going on with the EA Games latest blockbuster product: SPORE, you will know why i put the title… Anyway, im going to tell you all, WHY i call you dont to buy original, or why dont USE original…

SPORE, had been given 1 star rating (out of five) at Amazon by thousands users not because of the gameplay, but the SecuRom DRM they used, according to them, saying that it is necessary to prevent piracy!
You can read more at afterdawn too!
What the heck!


Ok, let think about it. You pay hundred over bucks to buy the game, ORIGINAL, not lima ringgit beside the road, then you install the game.

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1st advice: DONT buy the game if you dont have internet connection

Then If your computer having problem, you send it to re-formating…
You need to reinstall the game, at the fourth time you install the game, you cant even activate it!
2nd advice: Dont reformat your computer even it takes years to start up, kena virus, or whatever because of the game…
(EA will continue using the SecuRom to limit users to activate it online but they say will losen it a bit, from three times to five times…in the new coming game, Red Alert 3, haiz… they wont wake up!)

If after three times, the only thing you can do is to call up EA’s company to request a new serial.
So you need to beg them after you pay them… this is so called customer service they provide!!!
3rd advice: Writing a script to call their company to ask for serial in case you planned to reformat your computer soon…

The game only allow you to create one user. So if you and your brother want to play the game, or your household got many kids want to play the game, you are forced to buy multiple copy or serial of the game.
4th advice: If you want to buy the game under this condition, make sure you have enough money in your pocket or else you will see your children fight because of the game, OR even YOU fight with your brothers, sisters, or child to play the game!

What i can say is, EA had killed their blockbuster game! In amazon, they get one star out of five.
In gamespot, they get 8.0.
This had prove that the game is interesting but users lost their interest to buy the game.
The game had leaked to P2P network even before the game is officially in store, not one day before, but 4 days. And Big Champagne said that it had get over 200,000 downloads illegally via P2P network.

Some of they say those reviewers shouldn’t have give such a low mark in amazon review.
But in my opinion, they are correct. They reviewed the product, not the gameplay, because people go amazon to buy the game, they should have go to site like gamespot to know how is the gameplay!

So, that’s why i call you not to buy original! EA manage to screw all the buyers but not the crackers.

Here I will give some tips for all original game users how to play a game without original disc when it requires you to insert a disc. Most of the game will require you to insert disc in order to play the game. This will be quite harmful to both your CD/DVD and also your CDRom or DVDRom. This will reduce the life spam of them.
So instead inserting your disc into the drive before you play, you can choose to patch a fixed or NoCD exe or use mini image.
Those files can be downloaded legally from GameCopyWorld!

For games download, it is widely available via P2P network like mininova, isohunt, btjunkie and many more… Ask Google.
And there are also plenty of warez resources hosted on rapidshare or megaupload server.
Simply google the game’s name, followed by or
Click search and you may get something you want.
Or else, use
All direct download search!

One more, when download warez, there should be always a .nfo file with it.
This file contains many information, mostly contains the ASCII, release notes, install notes and others.
Just simply open it with notepad or using Damn NFO Viewer which you can download it via the link provided!

Anyway, if you crack the game and play without buying the game, there is 100% you cant play it via online.
If you want to enjoy the online gameplay experiences, you are forced to buy the game.
But remember the 4 advices i written above!

enjoy your game!



p/s: I had a bad english. Please correct me if i made any (serious) mistakes.
I write this post is just to exchange ideas and not to say support piracy.
Later i will write a post about why to support original…

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5 Responses to Reason Not to Buy Original!

  1. Slipper September 17, 2008 at 7:32 pm #

    Frankly, i support EA game, this is the way to protect their bloody hard work from being pirate. So, if you love the game, follow the rulez, no choice..

    • admin September 17, 2008 at 8:31 pm #

      ya, this is true.
      and online experience can only be valid with a original key.
      but ways they do to protect had gone to the extreme.
      it may cause many inconvenience to users!
      I still love how they do it last time…
      at least wont trouble user so much!
      just my 2cents

  2. jeremy September 18, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    you seriously need to improve your english, no offence.
    “reason to don’t buy original” vs “reason not to buy original”?
    i read your blog not because of your content but your language. sometimes your english just make me laugh non-stop. ever think of attending classes to improve language skills?

    and i personally think that we should support original products, not considering whether they had gone extreme or not. you wouldn’t want someone to mimic ur joshuatly blog 100%/even better than yours, causing all ur readers switching to his blog, DO you?

    • joshuatly September 18, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

      ya, i admit i need to improve more on my language.
      im glad that you are here to correct me…
      for me it depends what product and the quality of the product for me to support original…
      later i will write about why we need to support original!

  3. shaxx September 18, 2008 at 4:05 pm #

    when I saw so many people talked about this game I thought it was free but then I found out otherwise… LOL!

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