This post is a reply to my brother’s blog post on 31th August 2011, 国庆.

Before that, thanks everyone who wish me happy birthday on facebook, sms, twitter, or even Google+. Thanks you guys, really a lot. Probably will have a birthday post up soon.

OK back to my reply to my dear brother.

I think I will forever remember, on 31th August 2011, about 1pm, i recieve a WhatsApp message from you, my brother, wishes me “happy birthday bro“. Although im expecting this, but i dont expect your 2nd message, which is “miss you” right after i reply him with “thanks“.
On that moment,i really know i cant understand how much you miss me, how much you miss the home, and the family. And, i believe you know i miss him really much too.

Studying in US alone, you are really brave. No friends, unfamiliar environment, and knowing that you cant go home for the next 12 months, are though challenges. Not only that, you need to make new friends, roommates which have completely different personality with you, difficulties in studies and more that i dont know of. You might had been overwhelm by all these challenges that come so sudden into your life, and also since you had been relaxing for the past half a year, you might not be able to handle all these. But things must go on. Homesick is inevitable. Most of the time, when you want to chat, i might not be available, and same thing happened to me due to the time zone difference in our location. But i wish to share some of the things i used to do (or still doing) to overcome some of your problem.

Remember before i moved to Wangsa Maju, i dont like my hostel very much. Not only the environment is bad, but the housemates are not that friendly either. I really want to go home, everyday. I tried counting how much time and cost will it took me to go back to Bentong everyday after class, but really soon i figured out thats not feasible at all. What to do? I cant find a place to move to, or i dont want to move either (since my lazy).
I got two really extreme “solution” to that problem. First is keep myself in a room, as small as possible, ignore everything & everyone around me, avoid walking around (and also including stockpiling all the food, snacks, junk food etc like its going to be end of the world), sit in front of the computer, do the things i want to do, or even better, SLEEP. To avoid all conversation, i sleep during my roommates have activities, and wake up when they dont. That way, i can avoid all conversation with them. Its pretty depressing i know. The second extreme isnt any better either. I spent a good chuck of my days at that period in Berjaya Times Square. Whenever i dont have any class, i will go there, and walk around, sitting in the Starbucks (sometimes leeching the place, without paying for any drinks), have my PC on and do my own shits until as late as possible, most of the time until 10pm. This method might cost a little bit more, but the cheaper version might be just sitting in the library for a long time, or i will suggest any places that you are most conformable with.
The third “solution” of this is to get yourself as busy as possible, with anything. I took part in a lots of activity (that i really like), some are free and some are not. But all of them does benefit me as i learnt new things from those places. Talk to those like minded people, have conversation with them over social media or in real life, learn from them, and continue to learn more by yourself. By keeping yourself busy, thats the best way to solve the awkward situation with your roommates etc. For me, i dont care about what are people’s comment on me. I dont care if they call me “not social-able” or any shits like that, as long as i know what im doing and i know thats good for me, I’m ok with myself.
I know these advises might not be useful to you, since i didnt really found any real solution, i moved to Wangsa Maju at the end, but im sure soon your will find the solution to overcome this.

Oh one more thing i think might be interesting to bring up is, keep yourself always busy, or at least your mind. I did that by start listening to podcasts. im sure yours will be listening to songs. Started from that time, i starting to have the habbit to listen to podcasts whenever i go. Tech podcasts, Gaming podcasts, Science related podcasts. anything that interest me will be in my iPod (or now is my android phone).

I think we need more chatting, on skype or whatsapp.I wish i can kacao you more often, and hopefully you wont get annoyed by that. Sometimes when i send you a message, feel free to reply to me whenever you want to, when you are free.
Miss those times where we talk shits and laugh till stomachs pain.

Anyway, add oil, know that we will always support you, and God is with you, and He planned your way for you, so no worry.

signing off.

p/s: Trivia: this post is written in english cos i cant type chinese in my linux netbook.
And also, i “borrow” neighbor’s wifi since i think the house internet (of kl) is dead. who call them to put their wifi password as 1122334455?! Haha

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